Darwyn Cooke’s Widow Viciously Attacks ComicsGate – Ignores Open Racists and Harassers at Marvel and DC Comics

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The comic book industry was rocked with controversy when Darwyn Cooke’s widow, Marsha, reactivated her Twitter after two years of inactivity to call ComicsGate supporters “crybaby losers ruining comics.”

Her response came after one Twitter user posted an interview with Darwyn Cooke from 2010 and claimed he would be part of ComicsGate.

In the interview, Darwyn talks about what would need to change in the comic book industry to get him to work on superhero comics.

“I want them to stop catering to the perverted needs of 45 year old men. I want to stop seeing Batman f****** Black Canary. I don’t want to hear Batman swearing. I don’t want to see him feeding a boy rats. I don’t want to see characters get raped in the ass. I don’t want to see characters that have been straight for 60 years be lesbians over night because the writer is too stupid or uncreative to come up with something decent. I want to see new characters for new time. When the industry realigns its sights to the young people it was meant for, I’ll be there with both arms and feet…That’s the straightest answer I can give you.”

Marsha responded to the claim and the video:

She would elaborate on Cooke’s idea about creating new characters which is what many in ComicsGate have been calling for. They don’t want to see Iceman turned in a gay man because of a sales promotion. They don’t want to see Iron Man killed and replaced by RiRi Williams. They want to see new characters written well that have their own depth and their own personality.

She would even point out that Darwyn believed there was enough room in comics for everyone.

Once again this is a position that many in ComicsGate support. They want good stories, good art, and good characters without obvious and hamfisted political pandering behind the scenes and on the page.

Despite clarifying that Darwyn’s position is what many in ComicsGate supports she would continue to attack those associated with the movement in a number of Tweets.

She would support the claim made by documented harassers like Tim Doyle and Kieran Shiach that ComicsGate is racist and misogynstic.

She would then make the claim that ComicsGate was a bunch of talentless hacks. However, ComicsGate didn’t evolve into an independent creator movement until  Diversity & Comics, Jon Malin, and Brett R. Smith’s Jawbreakers – Lost Souls launching on IndieGoGo in May of this year. Darwyn Cooke passed away in 2016.

When questioned about the timeline, she showed her hypocrisy by acknowledging that ComicsGate was not an independent creator movement when Cooke was alive. However, she labeled the movement as “blamergate.”

Ironically, before the term ComicsGate originated, many of those who formed the movement were pushing back against censorship in comics specifically Rafael Albuquerque’s Batgirl variant cover referencing Killing Joke, Image Comics’ Airboy controversy, and Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman variant cover.

Like Shiach and Tim Doyle, she would insinuate ComicsGate is somehow white supremacist, despite the massive evidence to the contrary in both the creators as well as the consumers and fans who have adopted the movement.

The attacks on ComicsGate would continue throughout the week as she referenced ComicsGate as KKKomicsGate on August 23rd.

Cooke’s vicious attacks on ComicsGate aren’t abnormal. We’ve seen this type of behavior from a number of comic book professionals as well as so-called journalists.

We’ve seen people like Image Comics creator Michelle Perez wish death on Diversity & Comics.

IDW executive Justin Eisinger threatened horrific violence against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Ron Marz called for incivility and then followed it up with a a violent video of a man beating a woman and trying to compare the video to ComicsGate supporters.

Marvel’s America writer Gabby Rivera expressed her racism towards white people in a number of Tweets.

Vertigo Comics artist Ramon Villalobos showed his racism towards white people when he advocated for putting them in FEMA camps.

Comic Book creator Mike McKone just recently called on ComicsGate supporters to get dick cancer.

In a twist of fate, Black [AF] writer Kwanza Osajyefo insinuated non-white supporters of ComicsGate are Uncle Toms.

Another Vertigo Comics artist Robbi Rodriguez even sent pictures of his butt to Ethan Van Sciver over Twitter.

Former Comic Crusaders writer Chelsea Pendragon called for violence against ComicsGate supporters.

And then you have Magdalene Visaggio who threatened to violently beat CIS people with a spiked bat.

All of these violent and racist individuals are opposed to ComicsGate, yet Marsha Cooke has the audacity to call people who want great comics, racist and misogynist? Either she is wildly misinformed about what ComicsGate is, or she knows exactly what it is and has decided to attack it anyways.

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