Comic Book Shop Owners Get Double Shipment of Marvel’s Iceman


A number of comic book shop owners received a double shipment of Marvel’s [easyazon_link identifier=”B07DTXX7C8″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Iceman[/easyazon_link] by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman that hits comic book shelves today.

One comic book shop owner took to Twitter to discuss the overshipment of Iceman and why he thinks this is a failing strategy on Marvel’s behalf.

While ComicPerch was skeptical about the idea that this was to spike the unit number we spoke to another shop owner who also received a double shipment of Iceman. He specifically referred to these books as “more books to throw out after a month.”

We asked him about how common of a tactic it was to overship book. He also told us, “They do occasionally pick books to overship. Iceman was ordered low so they maybe are trying to increase the number of copies “ordered” through tomfoolery.”

Another shop owner told us Marvel overshipped Iceman in order “to make it look like there are much higher sales, but those comics will just end up in $.25 bins.”

This new Iceman miniseries by Sina Grace is a continuation of his 2017 series whose first issue only shipped 34,202 copies when it released in June 2017. Iceman #11 which hit shelves in March of this year only shipped 10,200 copies to retailers.

When Marvel initially announced the new Iceman run they claimed the book was coming back by “popular demand.” Could Marvel be overshipping to try and sell that “popular demand” line they used to tout this book? And as ComicPerch points out in order for this tactic to really work, they would have to overship on subsequent issues to keep up the ruse.

What do you make of this tactic by Marvel and/or Diamond to overship Iceman issues?

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