Marvel Comics cancelled their upcoming The Vision miniseries by writers Chelsea Cain and Marc Mahon and artist Aud Koch. The series was announced at San Diego Comic-Con and was expected to have a six issue run.

The decision to cancel Vision comes a month before retailers needed to get their orders into Diamond Comic Distributors. One retailer confirmed orders had not gone in yet. He also noted he had more requests for The Vision than Marvel’s newly released Iceman by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman, where comic book shops received a double shipment.

The Vision #1

Writer Chelsea Cain responded to the news in a series of Tweets some of which appear to be satirical. She had high praise for artist Aud Koch:

The Vision #1 was expected to go on sale on November 7, 2018.

Here’s the official solicit:

When the Vision decided to try to live a “normal” life, he built a wife, a son and a daughter – a family – only to watch it nearly all crumble. Now all that’s left is Viv, his learning-to-be-rebellious daughter, and Sparky, the family robo-dog. But what does it mean for an artificial intelligence to rebel? And can a synthezoid father handle single parenthood? The married writing team of Chelsea Cain (Mockingbird) and Marc Mohan joins rising star artist Aud Koch for a new take on the Vision family that will once again have everyone talking!
Rated T+”