Marvel Comics Artist Mike Deodato Jr. Expresses His Animosity Towards Comicsgate!

Marvel Comics artist Mike Deodato Jr., who is currently drawing [easyazon_link identifier=”B07D9W8CTZ” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Infinity Wars[/easyazon_link], expressed his animosity towards Comicsgate in a series of Tweets.

After Frank Cho denounced Comicsgate, Mike Deodato Jr., would declare that not only will he not support or associate with anyone from Comicsgate, but he will also no longer be attending any conventions where people who support Comicsgate will be attending.

This isn’t the first time Deodato Jr. has spoke out against Comicsgate.

He first tweeted an article from Paste decrying the movement.

He would follow that up with another Tweet.

My colleague Jorge Arenas was kind enough to translate:

“Comicsgate is full of the worst of comics. Anyone with any sense would abhor them. And anyone who bad mouths Mags is an imbecile.”

Deodato of course is referring to the same Mags Visaggio who threatened to beat cis people with a bat.

Mags VIsaggio

Deodato would go on to Tweet out a number of other articles concerning Jeff Lemire, Tom Taylor, Joe Quesada, the complete and outright false Washington Post piece, as well as the smear job in The Guardian.

He would also praise Mags Visaggio again along with Marc Lombardi, Gail Simone, and Twitter user Renfamous.

Deodato would receive praise for his anti-consumer stance from former Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos.

DC Comics and Marvel Comics writer Gail Simone would seemingly also take the pledge to not attend any conventions where Comicsgate members will be attending.

A number of other folks would praise Deodato:

However, one user went straight to the heart of Deodato’s message saying it “seems to say screw the entire fan base for a few shit heads.”

Another questioned how Deodato would actually enforce this policy given the sheer numbers of consumers who support Comicsgate.

And both of these folks are completely right. Deodato is cutting his nose off to spite his face. If Deodato and Gail Simone are truly going to keep this promise and not attend any conventions that Comicsgate members are attending, it’s more than likely they won’t be attending any conventions at all in the future because Comicsgate is diverse. They live across the world. They are also diehard comic book fans and attend conventions. How in the world will Simone be able to determine if a convention attendee is a member of Comicsgate? If they do find out that a Comicsgate member is attending the convention will they leave?

This just feels extremely petty, but it also showcases where the comic book industry is at the moment. Not a good place.

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