BUYER BEWARE: Kieran Shiach Launches Fundraiser to Allegedly Stave Off Homelessness

Kieran Shiach

CBR and Polygon writer Kieran Shiach, who has led numerous campaigns to try and get comic book professionals fired like Howard Chaykin and Ethan Van Sciver, launched a GoFundMe to allegedly stave off homelessness.

Shiach announced his GoFundMe via Twitter:

Shiach’s GoFundMe explains why he is asking for money:

“Due to a mistake on the part of our letting agency, they haven’t been receiving our rent for the past three months. We’ve been working with them and the bank to get it sorted, but today received a court summons requiring us to pay the full amount owed, plus legal fees.

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem except that our landlord has decided to sell the house and we need to look for a new place to live as soon as possible, but no-one will accept an application from us until this is sorted.

£3000 is the full amount we need to pay everything off and get the letting agency — whose fault this is — off our back. We don’t expect to raise the full amount, but any help that you can provide during this stressful time would be greatly appreciated.”

Interestingly enough Ethan Van Sciver discovered that Shiach has been talking about his move for the past couple of weeks:

And that wasn’t his only Tweet concerning the move. He notes he’s actually being viewing houses and how he needed to save up for a deposit for his new place.

In fact, Shiach knew he had to move all the way at the beginning of August.

Shiach also has a history of asking for money from people online. YouTuber That Umbrella Guy breaks it down:

While Shiach has asked for money quite often, one of the biggest marks against him is his KickStarter partner Traci Shepard. Back in April, Shepard wrote on Tumblr:

“So how many of you never received the physical rewards for backing it at this point? Me too. It’s been about nine and a half months since the KS ended and as far as I know, there are still outstanding backer rewards that have never been fulfilled, I myself have never received a copy of my own book, and I still haven’t been paid my share of the money.”

She continues:

“I’ve mostly been willing to defer final payment and wait until all the packages were shipped, so maybe part of that is on me, but I’ve been getting assurances of “next week” or “next month” since September, when I needed to cover some travel expenses and asked for help that was soundly ignored (resulting in me missing one of my friend’s wedding).”

She would provide an update stating that Shiach still hasn’t sent her what’s owed to her and she still hasn’t received the books.

Earlier in April, Shiach noted he would be buying a Nintendo Switch with his “first pay check from the big boy job.”

It’s unclear if he did buy the Switch, but he notes he’s excited for Assassin’s Creed coming to the platform.

He also appears to have a PlayStation 4 and has been playing the newly released Marvel’s Spider-Man. In fact, he claims he has reached 100% game progress.

He’s also posted a number of videos of him playing Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Shiach has also threatened violence against people he sees as his political opponents. He’s intimated he wants to execute people via guillotine and has noted he’s been “looking forward to Donald J. Trump’s death.”

While Shiach has a track record of asking for money online as well as at least one major example of not fulfilling his KickStarter, not to mention the multiple campaigns and calls for violence, Ethan Van Sciver, who is a lead Comicsgate voice noted he would be willing to extend aid to Kieran.

A number of people noted that they would be interested in helping Shiach, but he has them all blocked on Twitter.

What do you think about Kieran’s latest fundraising campaign? Do you believe his story? Do you plan on helping him out?

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