The Captain Marvel trailer dropped last week and the reaction to the film has been mixed. However, Zina at Stitch Media Mix, declared some of the trailer criticism is racist.

Zina’s ire at the Captain Marvel trailer criticism comes from’s Melissa McEwan. McEwan criticized the trailer for pointing out Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has more lines than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel.

This didn’t sit well with Zina. She claims the Tweet implies that “white women decided that characters of color…were less important and less empowering for them.”

Zina would elaborate on why she finds the Tweet racist:

“The thing about McEwan’s tweet that frustrates me, is that having people of color in sidekick or supporting roles isn’t even enough for White Feminism™.”

She then makes it crystal clear why she believes this criticism to be racist:

“White Feminism ™in fandom looks like zeroing in on Nick Fury’s 67 words in the Captain Marvel trailer as a red flag for the film’s feminism. It looks like not saying a thing about how neither actress of color in the trailer has a single line.”

Finally she declares it to be racist:

“White Feminism™ in fandom looks like it always does… petty, self-absorbed, and pretty darn racist for no reason whatsoever.”

Now McEwan’s criticism is extremely petty and laughable. Who really cares how many words a character says in a trailer? It’s about the words they are saying and the actions they are taking. A trailer is supposed to excite you about a film, it’s supposed to get you interested in it so you will eventually buy a ticket and go see it. It’s also supposed to make you think that going to see Captain Marvel will entertain you.

Like McEwan’s criticism, Zina’s is laughable as well. Both women are trying to inject identity politics onto the movie. In fact, their whole debate isn’t even about the movie or the characters, it’s about the identity of the characters. They are more worried about what the character’s look like and who says how many words than whether or not the movie will actually be entertaining or if the trailer got you hyped for the film.

One thing is for sure is that it appears there are quite a few people who aren’t happy with Captain Marvel’s first trailer from the amount of lines that Brie Larson says to the lack of black characters being lead actors. Maybe, if Captain Marvel smiled more, people would be happier about the trailer!