After giving us a brief teaser and promising the trailer would be coming soon, 20th Century Fox finally released their first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Take a look:

I’ll be honest the trailer is not what I was expecting. It went for a much more dramatic and serious tone then high-flying action. The trailer starts off with a flashback as Jean Grey comes to Charles Xavier for help. We don’t learn until later, that Jean apparently killed her own parents in a car crash.

It’s definitely got shades of [easyazon_link identifier=”B01CE00Q1G” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]X-Men: The Last Stand[/easyazon_link] where Xavier manipulated Jean’s own psyche to ensure that she was stable. Xavier does the same thing here. It’s  unclear what exactly he does, but given the brief clips we get of him with with Mystique, it appears he might have erased her memory of the car crash.

Whatever the case, Jean Grey is changing and she claims she’s searching for answers. Where she goes looking for answers did get me a little excited. She seeks out Magneto who appears to have created a community for mutants. It reminded me of Genosha from the comics.

But Magneto isn’t the only person she encounters. Jessica Chastain’s Smith makes an appearance to tell her, “You feel like you belong here. You don’t.” It’s still unclear what role she will play, but it’s more than likely she will either try to claim the Phoenix Force for herself or manipulate Jean for her own ends.

The second half of the trailer does intrigue me. It’s very character-focused. We get plenty of drama among the X-Men as they confront Jean. Even Beast confronts Charles and blames him for something, most likely their presumed mission to space that goes bad. It’s more than likely one of the X-Men dies during the mission.

However, my favorite parts are the confrontation between Magneto and Charles Xavier. Magneto sums it up quite succinctly, “You’re always sorry Charles. And there’s always a speech. And nobody cares.” We also see Magneto once again become Magneto as he puts on his iconic helmet.

I did like the new X-Men costumes with the big yellow X’s across their chests. And there was at least one clip where Beast is looking like the Beast from the comics. I’m definitely on board with their design choices. And the more I watch the trailer, the more I dig the serious tone and the focus on characters specifically Jean Grey, Charles, and Magneto. The trailer shows promise, but I won’t be counting my chickens before the eggs hatch.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes to theaters on February 14, 2019.