Avengers 4 star and Captain America actor Chris Evans ripped into Kanye West after he wore a Make America Great Again hat on Saturday Night Live and praised President Trump for his trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

On Saturday night, Kanye West was the guest musical star on Saturday Night Live where he wore a Make America Great Again hat and criticized the entertainment and news industries.

The morning after his performance the rapper took to Twitter to praise the President for actions on trade. As well as stating that the message was sent with “love” while saying that the “Make America Great Again” hat represented good and the country being whole again.

Unfortunately for West, that love didn’t seem to translate to Evans. The Avengers 4 star decided to rake Kanye West over the coals describing his views as “terrifying.” He would even demean Kanye describing him as “someone who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue.”

The reaction by Chris Evans isn’t surprising. The actor has had a long history of online activism against President Donald Trump.

Interestingly enough he used the same insults against the President that he used against Kanye. He told the President, “You don’t read shit.” This criticism came over a simple spelling error on Twitter.

He would further go after the President in an interview with Esquire:

“I feel rage. I feel fury. It’s unbelievable. People were just so desperate to hear someone say that someone is to blame. They were just so happy to hear that someone was angry. Hear someone say that Washington sucks. They just want something new without actually understanding. I mean, guys like Steve Bannon—Steve Bannon!—this man has no place in politics.”

He’s also targeted Trump’s Cabinet appointments.

In fact, he’s repeatedly criticized the President.

What do you think of all of this? Does Cap have a point? Or is this one dragon that just isn’t there to fight?

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