Marvel Vice President of Content and Character Development Sana Amanat wished the entire nation could sue President Trump for “emotional and psychological abuse.”

Sana Amanat

It’s unclear what sparked Amanat’s desire to sue President Trump. It’s possible she could be reacting to his most recent rallies in Tennessee and Mississippi, where a number of publications criticized him for “mocking”  Christine Blasey Ford and defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The fact that she doesn’t even cite a specific case where the nation experienced emotional and psychological abuse makes it seem like Amanat might be holding a personal grudge against President Trump. It’s one thing to disagree with a person’s politics, but to call for an absurd lawsuit for “emotional and psychological abuse,” just seems petty. What was the point of this Tweet other than to signal that you dislike President Trump? Or is that the point? Is Sana Amanat signalling as a Marvel executive that she and possibly Marvel Comics dislike President Trump?

This isn’t the first time Sana Amanat has tried to score cheap political points. Amanat recently admitted she and Marvel wheeled out Stan Lee to fight against their own consumers who have heavily criticized the publisher and the comics industry at large under the Comicsgate label.

But that wouldn’t be the only time Sana Amanat has found herself in the middle of controversy. Washington Times writer Douglas Ernst discovered a number of Tweets written by Amanat that demonize Republicans. Not only does Amanat demonize Republicans, but she also rejected the idea of diversity and stated, “That’s the future once we start inter-breeding. Brown will rule. Muhahahaha.”

What do you make of Amanat’s most recent comments? Did the Presidential Alert system annoy you? Do you think Marvel employees should making these types of political statements?

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