Multiple comic book professionals from DC Comics artist Doc Shaner to Ominous Press Editor-In-Chief Ron Marz imagined forcibly exiling President Donald Trump and one might even be able to argue, fantasized about murdering the President.

DC Comics artist Evan “Doc” Shaner, who is currently doing cover art on The Terrifics and recently worked on The Man of Steel, began the conversation be envisioning President Trump being exiled after his time in office has expired.

While Shaner’s original Tweet seems like normal political rhetoric, it quickly devoles into a sick exile via murder fantasy that is reminiscent of Dark Knight Rises where Scarecrow condemns Jim Gordon to death by exile. Here’s a refresher of Crane’s justice from the film:

As you can see below, that’s exactly what Shaner and Ron Marz envision as their conversation progresses. They want to make sure that President Trump quickly sinks into the ocean and drowns.

Ron Marz is no stranger to this type of controversy. He recently called for incivility against Donald Trump supporters, and he also insinuated that members of Comicsgate violently assault people.

A bunch of other comic book creators would weigh in to Shaner’s original Tweet calling for President Trump to be forcibly exiled upon his term in office expiring.

Mitch Gerads, who is currently providing art on DC Comics’ Mister Miracle, responded via a meme seemingly agreeing with Shaner’s original Tweet of forcible exile. However, his response seems to be the most tame.

Francesco Francavilla who used Batman as a political tool during Colin Kaepernick’s time in the NFL claimed President Trump “is an illegit one.” Francavilla’s art currently graces IDW’s Star Wars Adventures Tales from Vader’s Castle.

Ron Salas, who has worked on Dracula: The Company of Monsters, Prince Valiant, Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man, and Flash Gordon would then imagine killing President Trump with flaming arrows.

It definitely appears that many in the comic book industry have a dislike or even outright hatred of President Donald Trump. That hatred surfaces in what definitely appears to be a disturbing murder fantasy.

It’s definitely not a good look for these professionals and the comic book companies they work for. It’s more than likely this behavior will continue to drive more and more consumers away from mainstream comics.

What do you make of their comments? Will it affect whether or not you will support their work in the future?

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