Ethan Van Sciver is set to debate Jason Yungbluth tonight on Nick Rekieta’s YouTube channel at midnight tonight.

Yungbluth made the announcement via Twiter.

It was confirmed in multiple Tweets by Nick Rekieta.

The debate definitely looks like it might get heated as Yungbluth is already labeling Van Sciver as the “Stalin of Comicsgate”

Van Sciver appears to be taking the whole thing in stride and believes the debate will be more for laughs than anything else.

In fact, it appears he would rather not even debate Yungbluth, but instead debate Renfamous. And he also fires back with his own insult at Yungbluth.

Nick Rekieta would claim that Yungbluth’s Clarissa comic deals with pedophilia.

Yungbluth would clarify that his comic deals with child abuse.

While it appears the debate is still a go, Van Sciver hints that it might not actually happen.

Yungbluth told us what he hopes to achieve in debating Ethan Van Sciver:

“As a paid operative of George Soros, I have orders to stop ComicsGate at all cost. If they become any more successful, the rise of a cryptocurrency that Lord Soros cannot manipulate–the “comicscoin”– is almost inevitable. My only job is to deliver this warning: Davos has noticed you, Ethan. Tread lightly.”

We also asked him what topics he plans to address:

“Rumors are flying that Jeremy Hambly was attacked at GenCon in an aborted effort to collect his beard to make a hair train for the Starfire costume Renfamous planned to wear at this year’s Dragon-Con. I want to know if ComicsGate plans retribution.”

We reached out to Ethan Van Sciver for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.