Image Comics’ Afar editor Taneka Stotts took to Twitter to insinuate that Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer is a racist and rapist.

This is truly sickening behavior. First Stotts doesn’t provide any evidence of her claims. Second, her comments are extremely damaging. In fact, accusations like this can lead to imprisonment.

Back in May the New York Times reported that two men Gregory Count and VanDyke Perry were arrested and found guilty of rape when they were 19 and 21. Perry would serve 11 years in a prison while Counts would serve 26. However, both men did not commit the rape. DNA testing actually connected the semen found on the woman with another man in the FBI database. Both men would be exonerated. However, their lives were ruined.

Mr. Perry would state, “This wrongful conviction destroyed my life. But I never gave up my fight.”

More recently, Nerdist co-founder and AMC talk show host Chris Hardwick was accused of sexual assault. His entire career and life was impacted. He was dropped from a comedy show. He was replaced on his AMC talk show, and he was removed from moderating a number of panels at San Diego Comic Con. After an investigation, no evidence was found to prove those accusations and Hardwick was reinstated. However, his reputation and marred and many people still believe the accusations despite no evidence being found in an internal investigation. In fact, reports indicated members of his show quit after he was reinstated.

Making rape allegations without any evidence can cost people their careers and even years of their lives. They should not be made at the drop of a hat.

But Stotts wouldn’t be done there. Much like the social terrorists who targeted Bryan Edward Hill, Stotts also targeted our website by labeling us a “super alt-right racist rag.”

This is completely false and as with Stotts’ rape insinuation against Meyers, she provides no evidence. As I’ve stated before, we publish stories informing comic book buyers about the thoughts and opinions of the comic book creators who write those books. Many of their thoughts involve hatred towards their fans and Americans who disagree with their politics. However, there are also creators who interact positively with their fans.

We will not let these false claims go unchallenged and we will continue to defend ourselves against the social terrorists who are trying to destroy people’s reputations and their lives.