Social terrorists have targeted popular comic book writer Bryan Edward Hill. His crime, sharing a story about the Venom audience scores from this very website.

It wouldn’t take long for social terrorists to target Hill for the tweet. A number of users would falsely label the site as “alt-right” and tell Hill to block us.

One of the main proponents targeting Hill is David Brooke. In fact, Brooke actually works for a competing website Adventures in Poor Taste. (A website I use to contribute to.)

First, Brooke lies that we attack Image and DC creators. We don’t. We publish stories informing comic book buyers about the thoughts and opinions of the comic book creators who write those books. Many of their thoughts involve hatred towards their fans and Americans who disagree with their politics. However, there are also creators who interact positively with their fans.

Then Brooke without any information says we’ve written stories about creators being pedophiles. He points to Mark Waid. This is patently false. We covered Mark Waid likening Republicans to pedophiles. We covered James Gunn’s Tweets and his ensuing firing from Disney. And we also covered the creator of Rick and Morty Dan Harmon’s behavior. David Brooke just proved himself to be a liar.

After proving himself to be a liar, he then claims we post links in alt-right subreddits. Once again this is false. I do share our stories to Kotaku in Action and The_Donald, but those are not alt-right subreddits. It’s dissatisfied video game players and Trump supporters. Once again Brooke lies.

Fortunately, a number of folks called Brooke out on his lies.

Brooke and his fellow social terrorists attacks against us are not the first. Michelle Perez, seemingly unhappy about our coverage of her threatening Tweets, has decided to campaign to silence us. And most recently IDW’s Jonathan H. Gray has told his followers to block us following us exposing him and the Sonic’s teams disdain for their fans.

But we aren’t the only targets of this social terrorism. Ethan Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics, Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser, Mike S. Miller, Timothy Lim, and more have all been subject to social terrorism.

Bryan Edward Hill should not cow to these social terrorists for merely sharing an article about Sony’s Venom film. The fact that sharing an article sees people like Brooke launch these attacks shows how far he and others like him will go to destroy people’s reputations. It’s sickening and it is social terrorism.

As a complete aside you should check out [easyazon_link identifier=”1534309845″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Aphrodite V[/easyazon_link] by Hill. It’s a fantastic action-spy story, Blake Northcott might have some competition when it comes to the next James Bond writer.

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