Former Superman actor Dean Cain recently confronted Tom Arnold after he accused Cain of racism and homophobia. The two would hug it out, but as soon as Arnold got away from Cain, he was back on Twitter throwing nasty insults at him.

But Cain wouldn’t be the only one that Arnold would go after. He would go into complete meltdown mode as anyone who called him out for his nasty, defaming insults would become his new target.

He would target Daily Caller contributor Ian Miles Cheong claiming he harasses women. He would go on to say that he bullies women on the internet.

He would then insinuate that Dean Cain is a bully because he defended himself against Arnold’s sickening, nasty, and false allegations.

Arnold would then call for violence against a protestor. While many may find the protestor’s ideas and rant abhorrent, he is still allowed to peacefully protest and express himself without having to get beat up.

Arnold would even question whether or not people are allowed to talk him by comparing his “success” to theirs.

He would continue.

After Arnold’s hypocrisy was put on full display, he continued to spiral.

Arnold would even lie about the events that lead to Dean Cain confronting him.

For someone who calls himself a comedian, a number of his jokes don’t fly very well.

And because if insulting Dean Cain wasn’t enough he decided to attack his followers as well.

He also claims that because his assistant won Jeopardy, it doesn’t mean he could be stupid. It’s just all very strange.

It appears that Arnold got called out for his nasty behavior, decided to make amends, and then saw how that made him look and decided to go full on crazy in order to rebuild an attack dog brand that was completely destroyed when Cain confronted him. I don’t think it worked at all. It just makes him look crazy.

What do you make of Tom Arnold’s melt down?