After Marvel fired Chuck Wendig, writer Chase Magnett threatened anyone who might replace Wendig on the Shadow of Vader series.

Magnett tweeted out, “Every member of the comics community must refuse to take Chuck Wendig’s work or face consequences if they do.” (Archive link:

Magnett would go on to say that if you do take on the Star Wars work it will diminish “your future security.” In fact, it will diminish your security even if you can’t afford to pay rent. He even claims taking the job will hurt “yourself and everyone around you.”

While it’s still unclear whether or not Magnett is specifically calling for violence, it appears to be heavily implied. He calls for people to treat whoever takes the job as a “scab.”

If you are unfamiliar with the term “scab,” it’s slang for a strikebreaker or someone who is hired by a company in order to keep the organization running amid a dispute with a trade union. They would cross picket lines in order to work.

Scabs are routinely harassed and intimidated and more often than not brutally attacked.

In 1997, a UPS worker was beaten and stabbed because he refused to strike.

In 1986, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 issued death threats against Aaron Downing and his employees. They also threatened to rape Downing’s daughter as well as the other employee’s daughters.

In 1993, Eddie York was murdered because he crossed a United Mine Workers’ picket line.

While Magnett doesn’t appear to be specifically calling for violence, it is heavily implied. He also makes it very clear that his aim is intimidation.


This is just another example of sickening behavior by those who work in the comic book industry and those who cover it.

What do you think of Magnett’s comments? Do you think should take any action against him?