Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer gave former Star Wars novelist and Marvel comic book writer Chuck Wendig some much needed advice on how to be a an imaginative creator. Meyer’s advice comes after Wendig was fired by Marvel.

Diversity & Comics simply responded with a small set of basic customer service and marketing rules.

Wendig doesn’t seem to have the same advice for his followers. He went on an extremely long-winded thread where he talks about the resistance, getting angry, and using your middle finger.

To no one’s surprise who has been following Wendig over the last couple of years he admits to being selfish stating, “We make for ourselves first, and for the world last.”

What’s really interesting is that Wendig tries to play the victim by stating that people are trying to shut him up. It’s rich coming from Wendig who called for violence against Republicans and has repeatedly called Star Wars fans all kinds of vile and nasty names like white supremacists, racists, rapists, and more. In fact, Wendig wanted to silence people when he insinuated he wanted to shove a s*** covered boot into their mouths.

Once again Wendig is trying to create a narrative that there is some boogeyman trying to shut him down when in fact, he threatened violence against and repeatedly defamed millions of people.

Here Wendig is again showing that he’s completely selfish and has a complete lack of understanding on how business works. If you aren’t actually creating a product people want, it’s going to be really hard to find an audience. But then again Chuck Wendig doesn’t actually think he makes products. So there is that, I guess.

I’m pretty sure Diversity & Comics’ advice is much better and more common sense than Wendig’s rambling rant that seems to revolve way too much around himself than actually giving any advice to someone seeking it. In fact, Wendig admits he “want[s] the opportunities that serve [him].” It’s apparent this whole rant was meant to serve him in order to once again paint a false narrative that he’s victim, something he is far from.

What do you make of Meyer’s advice compared to Wendig’s? Who’s advice will you be taking in the future?

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