Director David Gordon Green and actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ Halloween reboot stormed into theaters last night with Universal claiming the film made $7.7 million on Thursday night previews. With audiences getting their first taste of the film, they’ve rendered their judgment on the film.

Early audience scores give Halloween a solid 78% with the average rating being 4.1/5 from 2,771 ratings.

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers had some high praise for the film, “Great suspensful Slasher truly the best since the original.” Another wrote, “Blumhouse have made another outstanding piece of horror, while also payed homage a the classic.”

On the other end of the spectrum, “Weak plot…same slasher film recipe. Too easy.” Another commented, “Was more suspenseful than scarey….”

The film scores similarly on Metacritic where it has a 7.7 user score based off of 15 reviews.

Metacritic users describe the film as “An absolutley good slasher and a perfect Halloween movie, Jamie Lee Curtis slash the movie and Myers still absolutely terrifying.” Another user noted, “By exciting the¬†unnecessary mythology that had been hamfisted into later installments/remakes and utilizing a back to basics approach, Halloween is the definitive sequel to the original 1978 film and a modern slasher classic.”

However, not everyone had high praise. Another user wrote, “The ending was so meh, after so much buildup. This franchise is not confident that it can tell a good story. To remove all the sequels, but make this the third Halloween II, yet ironically, the third film to be subtly named “Halloween”, it would have been better to have just admitted to fans that it’s Ha11oween. We’ve seen it all and done it all before.”

Halloween is expected to do big numbers at the box office. Box Office Pro reports the film is expected to make $80 million in its opening weekend. Those numbers would be absolutely incredible given the film had an estimated production budget of only $10 million.

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