A new report indicates that Katherine Langford, who starred in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, has been cast to appear in Avengers 4.

The report from The Wrap indicates Langford has been cast, but no details on her role have been revealed. Obviously, her parts have already been filmed since The Russo brothers indicated both principal filming and the reshoots have wrapped up.

Sersi and The Eternals

While The Wrap and their sources at Marvel Studios have not revealed Langford’s role, it’s possible she might actually be Sersi, who is figured to play a prominent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Avengers 4. In fact, Sersi is expected to be one of the leads in the upcoming The Eternals film.

Given the recent report about The Eternals release date dropping today and then news about Langford coming in just hours later it’s hard not to make a connection.

Langford is also a an up and coming actress who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why, it’s hard to see Marvel cast her in a minor role.

Skrull Queen Veranke

Another possibility for Langford is the Skrull Queen Veranke. For those familiar with Marvel Comics, Veranke was the mastermind behind the Skrull invasion of Earth known as the Secret Invasion.

With the Skrulls becoming a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain Marvelit’s quite possible Marvel could make them a much more prominent cosmic power following Avengers 4. And if Thanos is defeated in Avengers, it’s possible Veranke could become the next huge big bad. While not as powerful as Thanos, she is definitely cunning and deceptive. A very different villain than what the Avengers have come up against.

What do you make of this alleged casting? Are you interested in seeing Katherine Langford in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Who do you think she could be?