HBO and Game of Thrones revealed their first photo for Season on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s upcoming magazine.

The cover features Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow getting quite cozy together.

Take a look:

Along with the first look, Co-executive producer Bryan Cogman spoke to EW and gave us a few hints at what to expect coming into the final season:

“It’s about all of these disparate characters coming together to face a common enemy, dealing with their own past, and defining the person they want to be in the face of certain death.”

He continues:

“It’s an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season and I think it honors very much what [author George R.R. Martin] set out to do — which is flipping this kind of story on its head.”

One thing is clear about the photo above is that it looks like Winter has finally come. The tagline has been, “Winter is Coming!” for the past seven seasons, but given this first look and the snow surrounding them it definitely appears it has finally come.

And while the characters in the show will face what looks to be their pending doom in the white walkers, the cast also faced grueling conditions over 10 months for just six episodes.

Harrington elaborated:

“It’s relentless; scenes that would have been a one-day shoot five years ago are now a five-day shoot. They want to get it right, they want to shoot everything every single way so they have options.”

Clarke concurred:

“[Camera] checks take longer, costumes are a bit better, hair and makeup a bit sharper — every choice, every conversation, every attitude, has this air of ‘this is it.’ Everything feels more intense.”

What do you think will happen in the final season of Game of Thrones? Will Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen be able to defeat the white walkers? Or will the Night King reign supreme and bring Westeros under his control?

Game of Thrones is expected to premiere on HBO sometime in the first half of 2019. It will be the final season, but HBO already has a prequel series in the works and has already begun casting for the series!