Popular voice actress Tara Strong, who has done work on Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel, and fellow actress Rena Sofer took to Twitter to accuse an Uber driver of harassment based on political beliefs.

Strong posted in a deleted Tweet that the Uber driver was harassing her and fellow actress Rena Sofer solely based on their political beliefs.

Strong would write:

Dear @Uber your driver almost killed @RenaSofer & I because we are Democrats. He asked what we were doing & proceeded to scream & yell at us & say we were evil racist demon crazy lefties. We told him we wanted to get out & he began driving erratically. We video taped his abuse pic.twitter.com/7cnyDSnvwN

— tara strong (@tarastrong) November 6, 2018

In the now deleted Tweet that continued video of the instance the driver said to the women, “You are racist. The lefties have a mental disorder.”

The Uber driver then says, “leftism is a mental disorder. I don’t want to talk to you. You make no logic. You make no logic so far.”

The two actresses then say the driver involved himself in their conversation as well as attacking and insulting them. They go on to call him, “Trump’s mouthpiece.” The argument goes back and forth with the driver accusing them of “ruining America.”

Tara Strong then threatens to send the video to his boss and get him fired.

She would then Tweet that the Uber driver almost killed them.

Sofer would add her own thoughts on the driver:

Uber would tell Yahoo, “Our expectation  is that riders and drivers respect each other’s differences. Disparaging language and discrimination are never OK. We are in touch with the riders and will take the appropriate action.” The driver would be suspended following investigation.

Musician Richard Armande Mills would call out Tara Strong and Rena Sofer stating the video shows the driver being cooperative, that he was never hostile, and he tried to let the passengers out when they asked.

However, much of the context of this story is still missing since we aren’t clear what happened before Strong uploaded her video. However, Strong indicates she does have video of the first seven minutes of the conversation.

Many of Strong’s own followers began to chastise her for what they saw as harassment against an immigrant driver for his political beliefs. Strong even explained her actions by claiming the man was “white.”

Other users weren’t buying it and even pointed to his heavy person accent to claim that he might, in fact, be of Iranian descent. Users online kept calling out both Tara Strong and Rena Sofer for what they viewed as a politically based harassment campaign against an immigrant Uber driver.

What do you make of this interaction? Do you think the first seven minutes that Tara Strong claims she has will back up her version of the story or could it exonerate and justify the Uber driver’s version?  Who do you think was in the right?

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