The DC Universe Twitter account targeted President Donald Trump after he questioned the election process in Arizona.

President Trump declared the signatures of the election in Arizona didn’t match and he questioned whether there should be a new election for the Senate race between Martha McSally and Krysten Sinema.

The DC Universe twitter account decided to weigh in on this Tweet with some hateful language. They declared President Trump and his administration corrupt and then proceeded to call him a “dumb f***.”

The tweet was eventually deleted and according to Rich Johnston’s sources the Twitter account was hacked.

For those unfamiliar with DC Universe, it’s Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ latest streaming service specifically focused on DC Comics entertainment including movies, TV, and comics. The service currently has an extensive list of older DC Comics based films and television programming and is the home of new original content like Titans. In the coming months the streaming service will also feature more original content in an animated Harley Quinn show, a new season of Young Justice, a Swamp Thing live-action show, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl.

Former Superman actor Dean Cain responded to the DC Universe’s Tweet indicating someone should be fired.

It doesn’t appear that DC Comics, Warner Bros., or AT&T have made an official statement regarding the Tweet.

Do you buy the story that the DC Universe Twitter account was hacked? Do you think this could be a rogue employee at DC Universe? Or do you think this might actually be what the DC Universe brand represents?