Pokemon GO confirmed trainer battles are happening.

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The official Pokemon GO Twitter account dropped a massive teaser, one that hints at the addition of Player Vs Player combat!

Since Pokemon GO was released, players, like myself, have been asking and wondering if we will ever see PvP combat in the mobile game. Now it seems that this could be a reality. And as you could expect, the comments on Twitter were a bit lit:

And my personal favorite for the day, courtesy of @DeadGuyPlays:

Currently in Pokemon GO players are able to collect Pokemon all over the world. There is a PVP system where players can leave their Pokemon at gyms where they can defend against trainers from other teams. There is also a cooperation mode, where gyms feature raid battles featuring a range of different Pokemon including tough challenges that require a team of trainers to defeat rare Pokemon like Mewtwo. After defeating these Pokemon you are given the change to catch them.

Pokemon GO also recently added in a friend feature where you can give gifts to your fellow trainers and work to increase your bond with them to receive varying degrees of bonuses and rewards.

While Pokemon GO hasn’t released any information on how their PVP mechanic work or even confirmation that this is a PVP feature, a PVP feature has been one of the most demanded mechanics in the game since it launched. In fact, many diehard Pokemon players questioned the release of the game without a true PVP feature which is featured in the original games as well as in the manga and anime television shows and movies. In fact, the plot of Pokemon usually sees a trainer take on a gym challenge and battle trainers across the world to become the best Pokemon trainer.

While we odn’t know how the mechanic work, Pokemon has released a number of different PVP systems in the past. Will it be similar to any of the previous Pokemon games such as Pokemon Stadium games? Or will they create a whole new system? And if they do, will it be something that players will feel familiar with? Or will we have to get used to something totally new? Personally, I don’t mind something new, but I want it to work of course.

There is, of course, the question of incentives. What will the game do to reward this behavior? More candies or stardust? Could there even be the chance at getting rare Pokemon if you rank high?Another question I have is how will players go about challenging one another in combat. Will you have to be near each other to compete? Or will you be able to fight a trainer from Japan if you live in California? My guess is it will definitely involve be close to each other as the game as been very consistent in promoting their content that gets you up and moving around you.

Then there is Nintendo. The company is still developing Pokemon games for their Switch system. With Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu being released this month as well as another untitled Pokemon game coming in 2019, could this new game like Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu somehow be connected to Pokemon GO?

It’s of no surprise that Pokemon GO is looking to expand the game. The popular mobile game at last report brings in millions of dollars a day. So, in theory, there is plenty to reinvest to keep players engaged and catching them all!

What do you think? Is this an obvious tease that we will be battling each other in the real world? Do you need a new Pokemon friend? Feel free to add me! My trainer code is 5612 6960 7810.

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