Three issues into to DC Comics’ Heroes in Crisis and I find myself asking if I’m still even interested anymore. I gave the first issue a favorable review, but after reading this issue I’m not on board as staunchly as I was in the beginning. Here’s why:

First of all, this entire issue seems like a lot of filler. I’m not familiar with “Lagoon Boy” and trying to delve into his and Booster Gold’s mental issues was not my cup of tea. I think this issue spent way too long on Wally West and his issues as well, and I like Wally a lot, so that’s saying something.
Heroes in Crisis #3
Pretty much all of this issue made me bored, excluding the part where you find out who killed Wally West, which made me annoyed because it seems ludicrous that a Flash could die like that, assuming that’s even what happened. Putting it frankly, after three issues I feel like this series is using a character I can’t stand that sells comics (Harley Quinn) to try and make a character nobody really likes (Booster Gold) relevant in the DC Universe.
Heroes in Crisis #3
I have some nice things to say about Heroes in Crisis, which is the art. Lee Weeks and Clay Mann do a fantastic job and the book looks great. I especially want to call out the variant covers which have each depicted an especially traumatic event in the life of a hero. These are a great idea, look fantastic, and make sense with the story.

The Verdict

I’ve said this plenty and want to stress it again: vote with your dollars. If you don’t like a comic, don’t buy it but hounding creators about their work is shallow and stupid. I’ve been pretty clear that I like Tom King as a writer, but not everything everyone is going to write will be a winner every time. And in my opinion, this time Tom King might have dropped the ball. It’s impossible to judge an entire series from three issues, but Heroes in Crisis #3 is a no go from me.
Comic Book Review: Heroes In Crisis #3
  • Art is great
  • Trauma Covers
  • Forces Harley Quinn Down Your Throat
  • Killed A Bunch Of Nobodies For Shock Value
5Overall Score
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