Ryan Reynolds took aim at ComicBook.com following their choice of headline concerning how many Critics’ Choice Awards Nominations Deadpool 2 received.

In their tweet, they said that Deadpool 2 received so many Critics Choice awards nominations that Ryan Reynolds couldn’t count them all. Well, it didn’t take long for Reynolds, who plays Wade Wilson to reply.

Reynolds would respond with some humor writing, “Fine.Three Critics’ Choice nominations. I’m a musician, not a Grammy nominated mathematician.”

Users were quick to jump on the bandwagon with their own replies. Some to Reynolds and some to Comicbook.com:

Of course, others replied to the “shade” cast on Comicbook.com for their seemly clickbait article:

There was even a suggestion to have Reynolds host the Oscars as Deadpool now that Kevin Hart pulled out of hosting duties. If he ever did, I’d watch the Oscar’s in a heartbeat. But I could see that going south with the ultra sensitive culture and media police we seem to have these days:

If you’ve been following Ryan Reynolds over the past few years, you know this isn’t the first time he’s used to Twitter to provide a little comedic trolling. One of his favorite targets has been Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. The Deadpool star teased the British actor on Twitter after he wrapped filming on Deadpool 2 in Vancouver back in August of 2017. He specifically blamed Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for the numerous road closures!

Tom Holland hasn’t been his only victim. One of his favorite people to mess with has been Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. The two have had a wonderful back and forth relationship over social media for years. Most recently Reynolds has been trying to convince Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine for a Deadpool/Wolverine film!

What do you think of Comicbook.com getting trolled by Ryan Reynolds? Let me know in the comments below!