DC Comics’ Border Town writer Eric Esquivel finally broke his silence after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Cynthia Naugle as well as a number of other women.

The accusations saw DC Comics cancel Border Town following artist Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain publicly state they would no longer be working on the book. Esquivel would initially issue a statement to The Hollywood Reporter calling Naugle’s accusations “reckless.” He would also deny the allegations stating they were “false.”

However, Esquivel has now taken to Twitter where he has made his account public (it was previously restricted) and issued a much lengthier response where he apologizes, but he still maintains that he “never engaged with anyone who was unwilling.” (Archive link: http://archive.is/grldk)

And while Esquivel’s Border Town was cancelled by DC Comics with both Border Town #5 and Border Town #6 no longer being shipped to retailers, Diamond Comic Distributors has also erased Border Town from their Previews World website including solicitation information from previous issues of Border Town.

Border Town Not Found

Not only did Diamond remove Border Town from their website, but the series has also been completely pulled from the Vertigo Comics website.

What do you make of Esquivel’s apology and statement? What do you make of Diamond Comic Distributors erasing Border Town from their website?

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