Brie Larson cracked a huge smile in the latest Captain Marvel featurette that showcases Brie’s extensive workout routine to get into Captain Marvel fighting shape.

Take a look.

Larson and Marvel’s marketing team for Captain Marvel have been roundly criticized leading up to Captain Marvel’s release for not showcasing Larson’s Carol Danvers smiling.

In fact, Larson even responded to the criticism, not by showcasing Captain Marvel smiling, but by releasing photos of other Marvel superheroes with forced smiles.

Larson posted the photoshopped posters to her Instagram story, fortunately the internet found them and saved them.

As for Larson’s actual workout routine, it involved pushing a Jeep up a hill, at least for a little bit.

Larson revealed that part of her routine in an interview with Collider initially calling the idea a joke:

“It was a joke. It was a joke with the trainer, with my trainer, Jason Walsh, that I wanted to be able to – we were joking about it that like, well, if I’m gonna go for it – because I spent nine months training with him ahead of time. And I was getting super strong. I was like, ‘Well, she can like move planets. The least I could do is move a car.’ So I thought it was gonna be – I’m trying to remember how long we had trained together for. Maybe five or six months at that point. And I just showed up in the gym one day and he was like, ‘All right. Let’s do it.’ And I pushed the car, yeah. [Laugh] And it wasn’t as hard as I thought, which was kind of crazy. There was someone in the front seat in case for some reason – the car’s in neutral, but it’s going uphill, and I pushed it for a minute.”

Brie would reveal later in the interview this was her first time really hitting the gym and working out.

“I felt really crazy afterwards because when you do stuff like that – I’d never lifted weights or done things until this movie like that. And so you get these crazy highs, and then you just kind of collapse onto the floor.”

Captain Marvel comes to theaters on March 8, 2019. Do you plan on checking it out? What do you make of Brie’s workout regimen to get into Captain Marvel fighting shape?