Marvel Studios released a brand new “special look” at Captain Marvel that finally tells audiences who aren’t familiar with Marvel Comics just who exactly the Skrulls are!

Take a look.

This might have been the best promo we’ve seen for Captain Marvel yet. It’s much more personal. It tells us why she’s actually on Earth, but it also shows that she’s vulnerable because she doesn’t remember anything about her past.

The one thing this special look doesn’t do is give us an idea of exactly who Jude Law’s character is. One of the biggest mysteries in the film is figuring out whether he’s playing Kree hero Mar-Vell or Kree villain Yon-Rogg. Some theories even have him playing both characters or at least seeing Yon Rogg impersonate Mar-Vell.

Law previously revealed that he would not be playing Captain Marvel saying, “No I’m not. Brie Larson is Captain Marvel. Am I allowed to say that? I’m just going to make sure the Marvel police aren’t going to shoot me. No, I can say that.”

However, an official promo image on Disney’s official website indicated that Law was playing the Kree hero Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel in the comics.

Other promotional items have surfaced indicating that Law might actually be playing Kree villain Yon-Rogg. There has been a Funko POP! toy as well as an upcoming Marvel Legends action figure.

Interestingly enough the Marvel Legends action figure provides a biography which describes Yon-Rogg as the leader of the Starforce. In the official promo image released by Marvel that indicated Law was playing Mar-Vell, it also indicated he was the leader of Starforce!

It’s definitely a mystery that Disney and Marvel Studios are keeping close to the chest.

As for Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, Brie Larson recently touched on the character’s personality in an interview with Collider:

“I think she has an ego, but in a healthy way. She doesn’t have an unrealistic expectation of herself. She just owns that she’s really good and really skilled, which feels good to play. She also has an incredible sense of humor and makes fun of herself, makes fun of other people, has no issue if someone makes fun of her.”

She added:

“I’ve had to go through every emotion possible with her. And a lot of this movie, although it has great comedy in it, there’s also real depth to it and emotion.”

Captain Marvel comes to theaters on March 8, 2018.