Robert Downey Jr. had a little bit of fun at the sake of actor Chris Evans when he offered to provide him a little bit of tutoring with help from Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo.

Downey Jr. made his little jibe at Evans after the Captain America actor went on a mini-rant about smart technology declaring it’s “not worth it.”

Following Evans’ frustration with smart technology, Downey Jr. chimed in.

And he wasn’t alone. Ruffalo quickly chimed in to tease Evans as well. He even referenced Avengers: Age of Ultron telling Evans to watch his language. Captain America was the brunt of a number of jokes in Age of Ultron after he constantly reminded his fellow teammates to watch their language!

Evans for his part seemed to take up Downey Jr. on his offer, although he continued to jab at modern technology pointing out that he assumes the “arc reactor doesn’t need some sort of annoying upgrade or download or new OS every 3 months.”

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will know that the arc reactor did go through a number of upgrades in the first Iron Man film. In fact, Tony needed Pepper Potts to help him replace an outdated arc reactor.

Tony has also made constant upgrades to his Iron Man armor throughout multiple films debuting his Bleeding Edge armor in Avengers: Infinity War. The armor used nanotechnology to allow him to create a number of different weapons to combat Thanos.

It definitely looks like the Science Bros of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner need to help Captain America adapt to the 21st Century and it’s technology!