World of Warcraft has made it a point to quietly add in-game tributes to both fans and famous people over the years. The latest to join the world of Azeroth will be comic book legend Stan Lee.

A video recorded on the World of Warcraft test realms depicts a new character walking through the halls of Stormwind Keep named Stanley. As he enters the Stormwind throne room, you can see him exclaim, “Excelsior!” For fans of Stan Lee, they know this was his iconic line that he would end all of his communications with whether it be via video or in his soap boxes found at the back of Marvel Comics.

You can see in the video below how World of Warcraft will honor Stan Lee in their upcoming 8.15 patch.

Here is his model that is currently live in the Public Test Realm courtesy of

Stan Lee In wow

Fans, players, and developers were quick to show their happiness with the addition of Stan Lee into the game. Designer of Battlefront II Christian Johannesen replied with a heartfelt gif:

For players versed in the world of Azeroth. They know this isn’t the first time a famous person has been added into the game post-modem. One of the most memorable additions was that of Robin Williams, famous comedian and famous WoW player. During the Warlords of Draenor expansion an NPC named Robin was added to the game and can be found in Nagrand.

The NPC is a genie, much like in Aladdin, and even has versions of his famous phrases from the movie that complain about the space inside the bottle.

World of Warcraft aren’t the only ones honoring Stan Lee. Famous filmmaker and nerd Kevin Smith is currently organizing an official tribute for Stan. He is partnering with Legion M, Agents of Mayhem, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and others. The tribute will take place in the iconic TCL Chinese Theater on January 30th.

There will be celebrity speakers, costumes, and props from his many cameos as well as music and art performances.

What do you think of Stan Lee finding a new home in Azeroth? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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