Alterna Comics Accused of Supporting White Supremacy Due to Neutral ComicsGate Stance

Independent comic book publisher Alterna Comics is again facing accusations of racism and hate due to their neutral stance regarding the comic book consumer movement known as ComicsGate.

On January 12th, in response to a tweet accusing ComicsGate supporters of not caring about their local comic book stores, user @JacksonStarship countered the accusation by asking what role events such as the prevention of Alterna Comics being stocked due to false accusations had in contributing to the upward trend of comic book store front closures:

Responding to @JacksonStarship, another comic book fan, John-Paul Atley, was quick to condemn Alterna Comics for supposedly supporting white supremacy:

Atley’s tweet elicited an outpouring of support and defense by Alterna Comics fans and creators, with many questioning Atley’s accusation and asking for proof or clarification:

When asked by another fan why Atley believes Alterna Comics got “themselves into this mess”, Atley states that the fact that Alterna Comics attempted to publish a Comicsgate affiliated comic book without naming the actual comic:

It’s more than likely Atley believes Alterna Comics attempted to publish Richard Meyer’s Jawbreakers. Jawbreakers was never an Alterna Comics title. The publisher who had initially agreed to publish the book was Antarctic Press, before they received outside pressure from Mark Waid.

Furthermore, Alterna Comics founder and publisher Peter Simeti has regularly stated that he does not subscribe to any particular movement, specifically ComicsGate, and made it it known that his main concerns regarding the comic book industry are the enjoyment and satisfaction of comic book fans worldwide:

A few hours after Atley’s tweets, Simeti directly reached out to Atley to offer his assistance in resolving Atley’s issues with Alterna:

The original tweet containing Atley’s personal information has since been deleted. Despite Atley’s claims of doxing and harassment, the information posted was publicly available through Atley’s own pages such as his Linkedin page or personal website.

Following these interactions, Atley tweeted a hyperbolic statement (which he then pinned to his account) accusing the fans who responded to his accusation against Simeti and Alterna Comics of being proof that ComicsGate is a hate group:

The false narrative being spun by Atley prompted Simeti to again respond in order to clarify the truth:

Accusing people of supporting hatred, bigotry, or intolerance while subsequently shaming or deplatforming them due to their perceived or assumed connections and beliefs has seen a recent rise in the comic industry. Richard C. Meyer, author of Jawbreakers, has been accused of being a member of the Alt-Right due to coincidentally being in Charlottesville during the infamous “Unite the Right Rally.” Gail Simone recently accused Nexus and Badger author Michael B Baron of being a ComicsGate supporter and attempted to shame Baron due to her false assumption of his personal opinions.

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