Former Hellboy actor Ron Perlman took to Twitter to unleash his fury against a number of prominent GOP politicians as well as the Republican party at-large for their condemnation of Iowa Congressman Steve King.

Perlman’s Tweet comes after King faced significant pushback from his own party after he was quoted in the New York Times.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

It didn’t take long for a number of Republicans to condemn his comments:

Following the release of the New York Times article, King released a statement stating his words were taken out of context

Perlman is increasingly becoming known for his political statements rather than his acting roles. He recently imagined President Trump would be removed from office “in chains.” Perlman also targeted Senator Lindsey Graham using some pretty homophobic language.

Last May, Perlman had indicated he would be taking a break from Twitter citing a number of political issues had taken a toll on him.

As far as reactions to Perlman’s Tweet, most supported his statement. Many were cheering the veteran actor on.

There were a number who compared him to a child throwing a fit!

At least one person reminded Perlman that members of the Klan actually held positions of power in the Democratic Party.

Are you shocked or surprised by any of this? And do these types of Tweets make you want to follow your favorite star? Or not? Let me know in the comments below!

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