Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures just dropped their first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and it includes an Uncle Ben Easter Egg!

If you look closely at around the :29 second mark, you will see Peter brings out an old suitcase and begins packing for his school trip to Europe. The suitcase has the initials BFP. This is most definitely an allusion to Peter’s Uncle Ben Parker.

The suitcase would make a second appearance at around the :45 second mark where you can get a really good look at the initials.

BFP Spider-man Far From Home suitcast

While the first and last initial are obvious being Benjamin and Parker, the middle initial might not be as clear. It’s possible it stands for Franklin, and could allude to Uncle Ben’s likeness to the American founding father.

What’s really interesting is that Marvel and Sony did have another opportunity to reference Uncle Ben, but chose against it. Although, it might have been intentionally edited out of the scene much like Thanos’ control of the Infinity Stones was removed from trailers for Avengers: Infinity War.

At the :38 second mark we get a look at Peter Parker’s passport. Interestingly enough the passport doesn’t include any years to coincide with Peter’s birthday, or even the date of the passport being issued. More importantly, the passport doesn’t include Peter’s middle name. Peter’s middle name is Benjamin in honor of his uncle.

His middle name was revealed in Web of Spider #19 where he presented his birth certificate in order to obtain a passport!

It’s highly likely that this information might have been intentionally left out of the trailer.

Regardless, Uncle Ben appears to have officially been referenced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Peter’s suitcase. It’ll be interesting to see if the movie contains even more easter eggs around Uncle Ben and if he might play a larger role in Far From Home.

What do you make of this easter egg? Do you like this nod to Uncle Ben? What other easter eggs have you uncovered in the trailer?