An alleged leaked photo claims to show actress Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy in her Wonder Girl costume for the DC Universe’s Titans TV show.

Take a look:

If this costume is legit, it looks like DC Universe’s Titans is definitely homaging the classic Wonder Girl outfit.

There are obviously some changes. The stars are no longer white instead Titans appears to have opted for gold stars. The stars are also arranged in a new pattern. No longer do they run diagonally across her chest, but instead make an almost oval shape up and down her rib cage.

The star pattern is more reminiscent of Donna Troy’s black costume.

Donna Troy black costume

The alleged leaked costume also has a W shaped neckline that also resembles the bottom of a star.

Leslie spoke to io9 about her role as Donna Troy in Titans:

“Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot’s popularity was definitely a huge factor in why I was excited to play Donna, and I think, if anything, I wanted to bring the idea that Donna’s different than Diana. There’s obviously a relation there and similarities, but the differences between them [are what] I wanted to honor. At the same time, though, she’s still very much an Amazon and there’s a graceful strength there.”

She would go on to describe how she sees Donna Troy in the world of Titans.

“To herself, she’s found a way to maintain her identity as Wonder Girl—as someone who was guided by Diana. She’s been able to do that for herself and forge a path to this life of hers that revolves around doing good in the world whether or not she’s wearing her [superhero] suit. That’s who she is for herself.”

She also explains how others see Donna Troy in the DC Universe:

“For others around her, she’s this grounding rock. I think that’s very much portrayed the first time we see her and we’ll continue to be seeing her getting involved with other characters, but first with Dick.”

Titans just wrapped their first season on the DC Universe streaming service and the second season is expected to debut sometime later this year.

What do you make of Wonder Girl’s alleged new look for Titans? Do you like it, love it, or hate it?