Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers screams at a Skrull in Marvel’s new promo for Captain Marvel.

Take a look:

This new promo is filled with new footage and confirms that Carol Danvers has no clue about her past on Earth. The clip begins with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury asking Captain Marvel why she is dressed for laser tag. Carol Danvers’ answer is quite revealing, “I’m here to stop the shapeshifters that are infiltrating your planet.”

The fact that she says “your planet” and not my planet or even referring to the planet as Earth means she has no memory of her time as an Air Force pilot on Earth. One can only imagine that whatever caused her to lose her memories was some kind of major accident or the Kree have forcibly removed her memories using their advanced technologies. My guess is that it’s probably a combination of both.

That also means she probably doesn’t even know that she is a human.

This statement fuels speculation of the Kree controlling Captain Marvel which gained traction after a story book revealed the identity of the Supreme Intelligence and the character’s relationship with Captain Marvel. The storybook specifically states:

“The Supreme Intelligence grasped Vers’ hand, and her body began to glow as the power being transmitted by the Supreme Intelligence pushed through Vers, gathering in the photon battery at the base of her neck.”

One can only imagine that the photon battery at the base of Vers’ neck could be some kind of control mechanism.

Not only did Marvel release the new promo, but they unveiled a new motion graphic showcasing all of the roles Carol Danvers will take on in the upcoming movie.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, one month from today.

What do you make of this new promo? Do you plan on seeing Captain Marvel?