Last week, Injustice: Gods Among Us artist Mike S. Miller came under fire for using a cover breakdown drawn by the late Mike Wieringo for his own comic project, Lonestar. Miller’s decision was met with criticism from comic fans across the board, which led to Miller seemingly burning the new Lonestar cover. One of those criticizing Miller was 100 Bullets and The Flash cover artist Dave Johnson, whose criticisms sparked a small feud between himself and Miller.

In response to a fan inquiring if Johnson had blown the situation out of proportion due to Miller’s public association with the ComicsGate movement, Johnson explained that he was only criticizing Miller for his actions and not his associations:

The conversation was soon joined by Miller, who asked Johnson if he had the same feelings toward Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen, who previously drew over original Jack Kirby pencils for a Savage Dragon print at Calgary Fan Expo in 2013:

Following Miller and Johnson’s back-and-forth, Miller took to twitter on February 3rd to post two images: one of a Dave Johnson sketch and a lighter, implying he would light another piece of artwork on fire:

Johnson responded to Miller’s tweet, offering in jest to directly provide him with sketches to burn so long as he paid a $20 commission fee:

In an effort to troll Miller, Johnson would eventually draw a quick sketch of “Loadstar”, albeit with an interesting take (Author’s Note: As the image drawn by Johnson is NSFW, it will not be displayed on this article. It can be viewed on the original eBay listing):

Despite the graphic nature of the image drawn by Johnson, Miller took the effort in stride, promoting the piece to his fans, encouraging them to bid on it, and even offering his support to Johnson:

As of writing, Johnson’s piece has received 32 bids and the current bid is $531.00, with Miller claiming that his association is the cause of the higher value attached to the piece relative to Johnson’s other sketches on eBay:

What do you make of Johnson’s “Loadstar” sketch? Do you think Miller handled the situation appropriately?

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