A new report reveals Josh Brolin will join the upcoming Dune film as Gurney Halleck.

Brolin will follow in the footsteps of Patrick Stewart who portrayed the character in David Lynch’s 1984 film and P.H. Moriarty who brought the character to life in the 2000 miniseries.

Halleck is Paul Atreides’ weapons instructor. He also happens to be a skilled musician. Not only does he train Paul Atreides in weapons combat, but he is a Swordmaster of the Atreides Household and advises Duke Leto Atriedes as part of his war council.

The character plays a significant role in the original [easyazon_link identifier=”0441172717″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Dune[/easyazon_link] book as well as its sequel in [easyazon_link identifier=”B0015DTW50″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Children of Dune[/easyazon_link] by legendary sci-fi author Frank Herbert.

The original book follows Paul Atreides as he navigates the highly political world of Dune, where elite families vie for control of the ever-precious Spice that allows for space travel. The Spice can only be harvested on the desert planet Arrakis. The Leto family is put in charge of the planet and its Spice production, but faces threats from the vile Harkonnen family and the powerful House Corrino who rule the Known Universe as the Padishah Emperors. Not only must Paul Atreides navigate this tough political world full of treachery, but Arrakis is a harsh desert planet and he and his family must find a way to survive it. On top of that the book explores religion and philosophy.

Brolin will join Timothee Chalamet who will play Paul Atreides. The rest of the cast includes Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard, Charlotte Rampling, and Javier Bardem. Zendaya and Oscar Isaac are also expected to have roles in the film, with the latter playing Duke Leto Atreides.

The film is being directed by Denis Villeneuve and is being written by Villeneuve, Eric Roth, and Jon Spaihts.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals the film is expected to begin shooting in Budapest and Jordan sometime this spring.

Brolin will reprise his role as Thanos in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame which hits theaters on April 26, 2019.

What do you make of this casting choice?