Rekka Katakiri, a female Japanese singer best known for providing opening and closing theme songs to anime series such as [easyazon_link identifier=”B002BWD75U” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]When They Cry: Higurashi[/easyazon_link], My Wife is the Student Council President, and Kokoro Connect, was recently scheduled for a live performance on March 16th in Japan. However, following the discovery of Katakiri’s association with ero-games, the venue has abruptly cancelled Katakiri’s performance.

On February 27th, Katakiri announced on her Twitter page that the venue for her upcoming performance, a church in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, had cancelled her performance less than three weeks from the show date:

According to a message sent by the church to Katakiri, the reason for this cancellation is due to the singer’s association with the erotic video games, which the church claimed was inappropriate, as well as her failure to disclose her history fully. In translations provided by SoraNews24, the church’s statement read:

“[Your] work with adult games does not fit with the image of a church facility as a holy place. Not disclosing such work is tantamount to false representation.”

Katakiri’s association with erotic video games is due to her providing original compositions for numerous adult visual novel titles, such as School Project ☆, The Devil on G-String, Lost Child, and Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers.

The singer also took responsibility for her part in the event’s cancellation, acknowledging that she had failed to fully disclose her history:

“To let them know my background and resume, I sent them the link to my website, but recently I’ve been primarily promoting my personal [non-game or anime-related] songs. I regret not being clearer in describing my relationship to the adult game industry,”

“Had the venue known about my work with adult games from the beginning, they likely would have simply refused to host the concert upfront. I deeply apologize for the insufficient coordination on my part, and for the great inconvenience I have caused everyone.”

In regards to her music, Katakiri remains proud and unashamed of the music she created, regardless of it’s associations:

“In both my personal and contracted work as a musician, I put the utmost effort into creating music. I have no regrets, and instead feel nothing but gratefulness to the industry,”

In the wake of the cancellation, Katakiri has announced that her and her team are in search of a new venue for the March 16th show and have narrowed down their options to two potential venues. While these venues won’t be able to accommodate new ticket sales, due to their reduced sized compared to the original church venue, Katakiri assured her fans that all current ticketholders would have their tickets honored and that those who can no longer attend due to the change of venue would be entitled to a full refund if desired.

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