YouTuber Eric July took Marvel Studios to task for their portrayal of Monica Rambeau in their latest film Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson arguing that the way they treated the character was racist.

July gets straight to the point in his video, “When it comes to the relationship between Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers in this movie it embodies exactly how white leftists, social justice advocates see themselves.” He continues, “But the complete change of Monica highlights how they can step on black canon if it means they can grandstand or signal.”

July then educates his viewers on just who Monica Rambeau is explaining she’s the second character to have the moniker Captain Marvel. He also gives a brief description of Carol Danvers and how she was originally Ms. Marvel when she got her powers in the late 70s.

July specifically points to how Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau’s characters are different:

“You could argue that Ms. Marvel was a bit of a tokenized version of OG Captain Marvel, just a female Mar-Vell. But Monica Rambeau was not. She was a completely original character with an original origin. She was only really Captain Marvel in name because the public gave her that moniker. She didn’t know who Captain Marvel was as in Mar-Vell or Ms. Marvel. She didn’t know they existed and she had no affiliation with the Kree. She was an original black superheroine and was of course leader of the Avengers at some point.”

Monica Rambeau first appeared as Captain Marvel in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, where her origin was revealed. And as July states she did become the leader of the Avengers. Her origin is definitely unique and has nothing to do with Carol Danvers.

She is contacted by an old professor who was a friend of her father’s during World War II. He reveals that a a South American dictator is attempting to use his ideas for drawing energy from other universes and dimensions in order to attack the United States. Monica uses her wiles to infiltrate the oil rig where the device is located and prevent the professor’s former pupil and his goons from operating the device for the dictator. Just as the former pupil attempts to obliterate Fort Bening, Monica steps in and destroys the machine. The resulting explosion gives her the power of Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel

Her grandfather’s World War II friendwould then explain Monica Rambeau’s extensive powers.

By the end of the issue, Monica Rambeau would be a member of the Avengers!

Monica Rambeau Avengers

July then goes into detail about how Marvel Studios ruined Monica’s character in Captain Marvel:

“Yet in the new movie they ruined the character by turning her into the child of a single black mother playing right into the stereotype. Frank, Monica’s father is nowhere to be found. They specifically use this character to really boost Carol Danvers. That’s the only reason she exists. She’s just a black child that looks up to Carol as if she’s this great white hope that she calls her auntie. This obviously was never the case. Never the case in the comics.”

He theorizes on why Marvel Studios used Monica Rambeau in the first place:

“They obviously use Monica as a character because she had that connection to Captain Marvel in name. It’s like they were itching to check a diversity box. We need a black female. Let’s just take Monica Rambeau and turn her into a child. The child of a single mother. So, for the sake of elevating this white chick, one that was never liked in the first place, they destroyed the legacy of Monica Rambeau.”

July then begins addressing race changes of a number characters specifically white characters or non-black characters, “They give you the sloppy seconds to say, ‘Look diversity!’ while crapping on or simply refusing to utilize original black characters that already exist.”

He then points to how he will see Monica used in Avengers: Endgame:

“Notice how Monica is a kid right now by the time Endgame drops she will have been an adult right? I’m calling it right now. She will emerge with powers and it will unfortunately be influenced by Carol Danvers as if she had something to do with why she became a hero. Though this is an offensive deviation from the original material that’s the typical elitist white leftist approach. As long as they remain on top, they will pretend they give a damn about their little stupid ass representation. It has to be on their terms. And they have to be the one’s ushering it in to feel good about themselves.”

July then points out what they did to Monica was racist.

“Even though I can argue that what they did to Monica was an act of racism, if we really wanted to make this a battle of the buzz terms. They probably didn’t even realize what they did because it’s so second nature to these fools. You are down there, and they of course think of themselves up here. So, now they are laughing to the bank after they knocked Monica all the way down to this innocent child. An innocent child that looks up to this new hero and the strongest person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, white blonde woman by the name of Carol Danvers, who is the seventh damn version of Captain Marvel.”

He goes on to describe that Marvel used Monica Rambeau, a former leader of the Avengers, as “a stepping stool.” He goes on to state that the producers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can “ruin these minority characters because you have no connection, and didn’t know she existed. And by the time they’d have figured it out the movie would have got your money and already killed it at the box office because it was sandwiched between Infinity War and Endgame.”

He elaborates on how Marvel treats black heroes, “Black heroes have to be handed to you by way of the white leftist and they insult you by saying you need representation, and the only way you can relate to a character is if they are of the same color as you.” He goes on to list off a number of characters he believes are tokenized like Miles Morales, Wally West, and Riri Williams.

July concludes:

“What we have here is a combination of two different things. The pre-established original black characters get ruined like they did Monica Rambeau in the recent Captain Marvel film. And they have this pre-established white characters that they spend all this money developing, all this time developing for decades at a time and they hand the sloppy seconds over to these black folks. It really can’t get any more insulting.”

What do you make of July’s thoughts on the manner and how Marvel Studios treated Monica Rambeau? Do you think the way they treated the character was racist?

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