Horror author Stephen King took to Twitter to unleash his rage against President Trump.

In this go around King didn’t mince words as he called him everything from “chauvinistic” to “racist” to “dictatorial.


At the end of his Tweet, he asked his followers if he missed anything. Many decided to add in their own words, with one noting that the 280 character limit on Twitter wasn’t enough. In total the thread produced over 13,ooo responses:

Others added in their own descriptors such as insecure and treasonous:

Others just went for the true and tried memes and gifs to express how they felt about the President:

Earlier that week Stephen King called out Fox News Host Tucker Carlson describing him as a “male chauvinist pig.” Carlson and his Fox News show had been targeted by Media Matters for America in an attempt to have advertisers remove their ads from his show.

Stephen King has a reputation when it comes to expressing his personal and political opinions regarding President Trump. Last year the author stated that President Trump was “rotten to the core.” It was a reference to an old Crabby Appleton cartoon.

Currently, Stephen King has two movies based on his novels being released this year. It: Chapter Two comes out on September 6th and the Pet Sematary remake lands next month on April 5th.

What do you make of King’s recent comments?