New Petition Demands Marvel Studios Drop Idea of a LGBT Lead Actor and Superhero in The Eternals

A petition was recently launched that demanded Marvel Studios, “not indoctrinate children with homosexual ideology” in their upcoming Eternals movie.

The petition from Life Site News came in response to Marvel Studios’ Chief of Production Victoria Alonso’s recent comments at the premiere of Captain Marvel stating, “the world is ready for an LGBT superhero.”

Not only did Alonso state “the world is ready for an LGBT supehero,” but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige also recently commented on introducing a LGBT hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an interview with ET, Feige noted the idea was “percolating.” A new report also indicated that Marvel Studios was looking for a gay actor to be the lead in the upcoming Eternals movie.

Life Site News’ petition is directed at both Victoria Alonso and Kevin Feige.

In summary, the petition objects to what they see as Marvel’s bid “to impose a politically correct, homosexual theme in The Eternals movie. Saying that children and their parents don’t expect to be indoctrinated with LGBT propaganda by Marvel films, it called on the multimillion-dollar producer of films like The Avengers and Spider-Man to ‘let children be children’ and instead lead them into a fantastic world where superheroes can ‘save the world, irrespective of sex.'”

The petition goes on to state that the practice of homosexuality is linked to higher incidences of mental and physical illness.

“But, regarding the practice of homosexuality, the real world offers a much harder lesson, based in reality … specifically, a far higher incidence of serious physical and mental health problems among practicing homosexuals than among the general population.”

The petition also references Spider-Man’s famous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The petition says:

“Be responsible, Marvel, and don’t sexualize our children and teens with your movies.

We call on you to safeguard the impressionable minds of children and their innocence by scrapping the idea to sexualize your ‘The Eternals’ production by making one of the leading characters a homosexual.”

As of this writing, the petition has met its initial goal of 7,500 signatures and has now raised the bar to 10,000. It currently sits at 9,522 signatures.

Along with the petition Life Site News encourages parents to not let their children see The Eternals, “When ‘The Eternals’ debuts in 2020, don’t let your children see risky sexual behavior, like homosexuality, glamorized.”

Created by Jack Kirby, The Eternals came to life in the summer of 1976 in [easyazon_link identifier=”B002C0EMM8″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]The Eternals #1[/easyazon_link]. The Eternals are a group of beings that were created by Celestials and are, in the comics, defenders of Earth. They are off-shoots of the human race but don’t interact greatly with their human cousins. Due to the experiments done by the Celestials, the capacity for super-powered humans, the X-gene, was also created.

Having LGBT actors play superheroes is nothing new to comic book fans. Ian McKellan magnificently portrayed the villainous Magneto in four X-Men films. Wentworth Miller took on the role of Captain Cold in both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Also Marvel’s counterpart DC Entertainment cast Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League.

Marvel Comics had Alpha Flight member Northstar officially come out as gay back in Alpha Flight #160 in 1992, and creator John Byrne has stated that the character was intended to be gay from the beginning, but he was restricted by the Comic Code Authority.

“So I settled on Jean-Paul, and the moment I did I realized it was already there. Somewhere in the back of my mind I must have been considering making him Gay before I “decided” to so so.”

Marvel Comics has included a number of LGBT characters since Northstar’s official coming out. They include America Chavez, a retconned Iceman, Wiccan, Hulkling, Karolina Dean, Karma, Rictor, Shatterstar, and Anole among others.

20th Century Fox also introduced a LGBT relationship in Deadpool 2 with Negasonic Teenage Warhead being romantically involved with Yukio.

What do you think of this petition? Do you plan on signing it? Let me know your thoughts below!

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