Anime Outsiders’ Cody Baier Claims Dragon Ball Super: Broly Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Targeted With Sexual Misconduct Accusations Due to His Conservative Christian Beliefs

Cody Baier of Anime Outsiders recently appeared on Nick Rekeita’s Rekieta Law YouTube channel where he claimed that the reason a number of Vic Mignogna’s voice actor peers targeted him with sexual misconduct accusations is due to his Christian beliefs.

At around the 1:03 mark in the video below, Cody Baier states, “I can confirm from [Vic Mignogna] something that we’ve all kind of suspected. The actual reason these voice actors are going after him. The gist of what he said is the exact reason we guessed in the beginning. It is because he is a Christian conservative. Especially the Christianity thing. That seems to be the biggest hang up they have.”

Baier adds that when Mignogna appears at conventions he requests space to do his “Gospel of John panel and kind of preach.” Rekieta adds, “A little Bible study.” Cody then elaborates on how some of Mignogna’ voice actor peers view this, “Well apparently to a lot of these voice actors that makes him a creepy cult later. They think he indoctrinates children. Since there have been pedophile priests, him being a very religious man, that must make him a pedophile especially because how young his fans are. And they think there is something evil with what he does for the preaching and Gospel of John panel and s***. That seems to be the biggest reason.”

Cody Baier then goes on to talk about how it’s also politically motivated, “There other one is of course [Vic Mignogna] not following them publicly. He danced around this a little bit, but he did still make it clear it was a political thing for a lot of them too. He said a lot of them were kooks, and that was his word.”

Baier then elaborates further on his conservation with Mignogna, “If there is any good thing to come out of this, it’s not that everybody knows the truth about these people. Everybody knows what we at [Anime Outsiders] have been saying. Everybody knows what Vic has had to deal with it. It’s all out in the open for the greater public. They know how nutty these people are now. If there is any positive to this, it’s that. And he did seem to agree with that.”

He would add, “There is so much he wants to say, but he’s too nice a guy, and too smart to say it.”

Baier would take to Twitter to elaborate a little further:

Mignogna is open about his faith. His discussions at conventions involving religion are widely available on YouTube.

Mignogna has been accused of sexual misconduct by fellow Dragon Ball Super voice actors Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi. Mignogna has repeatedly denied the allegations. Following the accusations he was fired by Funimation from his role in Morose Monokean Season 2. Rooster Teeth also removed Mignogna from RWBY. Mignogna was also uninvited by a number of conventions including Kamehacon following the initial accusations. However, Kamehacon did reinvite Mignogna.

Mignogna has acquired a legal team in lawyer Ty Beard and Nick Rekieta created a GoFundMe to raise funds for Mignogna’s legal team. The GoFundMe has currently raised over $119,000.

What do you make of Cody Baier’s claims? Do you think Vic Mignogna was targeted due to his conservative Christian beliefs?

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