Activist Avi Yemini announced he will be coming to the United States and will more than likely appear on The Rubin Report and Louder with Crowder to confront Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies over what Yemini describes as “defamatory content.”

In the video above, Yemini announced that he won’t be going alone. He will be joined by Sydney Watson. Watson is an Australian/American political commentator and journalist.

In a lengthy post on the above YouTube video, Yemini goes into detail as to why he will be heading to America to confront Jim Jefferies, Comedy Central, and Facebook.

“Last week I managed to expose Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central for producing a disgusting fake news story about me. Too often the mainstream media get away with these crimes. They misrepresent stories and individuals, they ruin careers and feed an ugly, divisive narrative. But these fabrications don’t just affect people targeted by the media – they affect every day citizens – people like you and me – who are being fed LIES. These journalists, writers and personalities go unchallenged. Their actions have zero repercussions. Not anymore.”

Yemini goes on to write, “But, unsurprisingly, the shocking footage I released has been ignored by most of the mainstream media. The SAME media who allowed me to be misrepresented in the first place. The same media who continues to lie to YOU.”

He adds, “In fact, when I posted the footage on Facebook, I was PERMANENTLY banned! But these social media giants allow Jim Jefferies and his ilk to continue to operate. And we know what they are doing is wrong.”

Yemini then goes on to reveal one of the ways he will confront Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies:

“I’ve been invited to appear on several American shows, such as The Rubin Report and Louder with Crowder, and others who want to help hold Jim Jefferies, Comedy Central and the lying media to account. This is not just about me – it’s about the hundreds of thousands of people who are lied to on a daily basis and all the individuals who cannot face the lying media themselves.”

Finally, Yemini asks for support to cover his expenses for travel.

“But we need your help to cover the expenses. I’m going to go on every show that will have me on. I’m going to Comedy Central to demand answers and I will even try to get Jim Jefferies to finally answer for his dishonesty. The media have gotten away with this for too long. It stops now. We need your help to cover the international flights from Australia and internal flights in the states. We’ll also need basic accommodation.”

Last week, Yemini exposed Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central for their deceptive editing practices. He used a hidden camera while Jefferies interviewed that showed that Jefferies cut together answers to different questions. It also depicted Jefferies’ denigrating the Muslim faith. After exposing Jefferies, Yemini called on Comedy Central to “sack” him.

Yemini would subsequently be banned by Facebook for “hate speech” after exposing Jefferies and uncovering old footage from Jefferies’ stand up routines as well as a podcast that once again depicted him disparaging Muslims and the Muslim faith.

Jim Jefferies recently indicated he’s touring a number of cities across the United States and Canada for his stand-up comedy routine. It’s unclear if Yemini plans to confront Jefferies in person.

Jefferies previously interviewed Richard C. Meyer, who runs the Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack previously Diversity & Comics YouTube channel, at San Diego Comic Con last year. He described the video to Polygon:

“I’d describe it as an egregiously edited hit-piece that has hilariously back-fired. My enemies are gnashing their teeth over it and even his own fans realize it is a viciously inept hatchet job.”

Meyer would also point out Jefferies’ hypocrisy:

“Regarding his pearl-clutching over the 4th grade swear-words I used once in a single video 9 months ago, I’m arching an eyebrow (higher than his) at the ten years of misogynistic rape jokes that he built his stand-up career on.

I could tell he had an abiding interest in diversity since one person out of his ten-person crew wasn’t white.”

Yemini has not set up a GoFundMe, but is asking for his supporters to donate through PayPal.

What do you think of Yemini’s plans to confront Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central? Do you think Comedy Central will “sack” Jim Jefferies?

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