Pulp Fiction actress Rosanna Arquette took to Twitter declaring that the United States is currently a “sick dictatorship.”

Along with starring in Pulp Fiction, Arquette starred in After Hours, The Whole Nine Yards, and Desperately Seeking Susan. She also played Linda in Ray Donovan, and she’s currently filming for a TV show called Ratched.

Arquette claims that President Donald Trump’s government has “normalized racism, rape, mass killings from guns, pedophilia, homophobia, the destruction of our environment.”

Aqrquette continues, “This government has normalized stupidity.”

Many of Arquette’s followers openly agreed with the statements laid out by the actress despite no evidence provided for her claims.

Another user added that Trump’s government is “determined to sink the low income, imprison immigrants, and take joy from those suffering with different health challenges.”

However, one person questioned why the actress was not happy for America referencing the Mueller report found President Donald Trump “NOT guilty of colluding with Russia.”

Arquette would respond stating President Trump “is not concerned about the welfare of our country his loyalty is to Russia and Saudi Arabia ..he is not exonerated ,we don’t have the full report and if there is nothing to hide then show us. It’s simple and our right. We paid for it.”

Another person would tell Arquette to stop watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Rosanna Arquette isn’t the only person in Hollywood who has lambasted Donald Trump with all sorts of nasty accusations. Comedian and critic of comic books Bill Maher called President Trump a “traitor” on his HBO show last week.

Most recently, Avengers: Endgame actor Chris Evans indicated he might severe his friendship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over his support for President Trump.

Comic book creator and actor Patton Oswalt also lashed out at President Trump recently calling him a “racist” and “sexual predator.”

What do you make of Rosanna Arquette’s comments? Do you agree with her or do you think she’s completely wrong?