CrossGen founder Mark Alessi passed away yesterday morning.

Alessi was the founder of CrossGen Entertainment, a comic book company that aimed to rival Marvel and DC Comics. The company’s head creative team included Barbara Kesel, Mark Waid, and Ron Marz. They also employed other top comic book talent including Chuck Dixon, Bart Sears, Jim Cheung, Scot Eaton, Steve McNiven, and J.M. DeMatteis.

Alessi founded CrossGen Entertainment in 1998 and would purchase the Orlando-based fan convention MegaCon in 1999. The company would launch the CrossGen Comics universe in 2000.

The titles included Sigil, Mystic, Scion, CrossGen Chronicles, The First, Crux, Sojourn, Ruse, and Negation. They also published, Brath, Chimera, El Cazador, Solus, and Mark of Charon.

The company would be purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 2004.

Before starting CrossGen Entertainment, Alessi was the CEO of Technical Resource Connection. He ran the company for 10 years before selling it to Perot Systems Corporation in 1996.

Many comic book creators remembered Mark Alessi.

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