Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo appeared at an event in India to promote Avengers: Endgame where he answered a number of fan questions involving a multiverse theory as well as the possibility of the Fantastic Four appearing in the film.

Before Russo got to the multiverse and Fantastic Four questions, the fan asked if there was any significance to official Avengers: Endgame posters depicting Nick Fury, Valkyrie, Gamora, and Hawkeye looking directly at the camera.

Russo responded:

“You know look. One thing we love about Marvel fans is that they read something into everything. They do our job for us, right. No, I wouldn’t put much stock into that theory.”

The fan would then ask about a multiverse theory involving the number “1064” which appears in the Avengers: Endgame trailer. 1064 is the number to an alternate universe in the Marvel Comics. The main Marvel Comics universe is Earth-616. However, there is an alternate universe called Earth-1064. In fact, the fan brings up Avengers #10 from 1963 and questions if the number seen in the trailer is a hint at the multiverse theory.

Joe Russo would respond shooting down the idea that the 1064 pointed to the multiverse.

“Uh… Are you on Reddit a lot? Is that where you are getting these? Are you the guy on Reddit that’s writing these theories? I’m not going to confirm or deny any of this. No. It’s not implying the multiverse. Sorry.”

However, the multiverse already exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as seen in Doctor Strange with the introduction of Dormammu and the Dark Dimension.

Finally, the fan would ask about Reed Richards and if it’s possible he might appear in Avengers: Endgame.

Russo once again shot him down.

“Here’s the thing. I’ll take any questions about the thematics in Endgame, but I am not going to answer any questions on the plot of Endgame. We spent three years protecting the plot of the movie from Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo. So, I am not going to come here and suddenly give away the plot of the film, but I appreciate and admire your effort.”

What do you make of Russo’s responses? Do you think 1064 is pointing to the multiverse and do you think we might see a new universe introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Endgame? Do you think Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four might make an entrance?