CinemaCon ran this week and Warner Bros. was out in full force teasing their upcoming slate, which featured Joker and Birds of Prey. But there’s more.

Superman music was played at the end of their presentation. Said music was vintage, the John Williams score from Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner’s movies.

Erik Davis, managing editor of movie site Fandango, was at the event reporting and tweeting all the happenings live. He mentioned the John Williams score, but said there are no announcements of anything Super-movie related yet.

Nothing affirmative came out of CinemaCon regarding a new Superman movie, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Man of Steel 2 has long been rumored and continues to be even now that the studio is veering away from the darker vision started by Zack Snyder.

Starting with Aquaman, the epic scale of the DC output shifted to a lighter tone. Shazam! carries that banner, resembling an 80s comedy in some ways, but it leaves room for the darkness and mysticism of monsters and wizardry. Joker promises to be a revert to the tenebrous tonalities of Batman and mental illness.

So it’s not like Warner Bros. completely abandoned everything Snyder brought to the fold. Gal Gadot is still Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa is looked at more and more as a definitive Aquaman.

Henry Cavill might also keep wearing the cape. Some reports claim he is out, but he hasn’t gone public with news to that effect, not like Ben Affleck did as of late regarding his status as Batman.

What we do know is Cavill’s told Jason Momoa he is committed to the role and Cavill has been off filming The Witcher for Netflix, which has kept him very busy.  He was still able to keep up with DC at the movies and congratulated Momoa on Aquaman’s smash success.

Reports Cavill had heavy-handed demands he wanted the studio to meet were quickly quashed though it is believed he and his management are in ongoing negotiations with WB that could be heated.

WB’s future plans for Superman in this post-Snyder age are unclear. Man of Steel 2 hasn’t been announced but Big Blue is too important for it not to happen in some form.

The use of John Williams’ score is a possible indicator of a Superman reboot that is a return to formula or it might be a bit of nostalgia on Warner Bros.’ part.

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