Hellboy screenwriter and the founder of comic book publisher BOOM! Studios decided to attack supporters of President Donald Trump calling them “smart racists.”

Society-Reviews reports Cosby would write on Twitter in March, Cosby would write on Twitter, “It’s a mistake to assume all Trump supporters are stupid. There are plenty of smart racists out there as well.”

After being called out for calling millions of Americans who happen to support President Trump “racists,” Cosby would double down.

He would write, “Sorry. Not willing to curb my personal or political views to bolster my career or for the sake of financial gain. We’ve already got a president who does plenty of that.”

Cosby would continue, referring to President Trump as a “demonic superhero.”

He would double down on this once again describing President Trump as “a demon.”

Cosby’s Hellboy has been panned by critics. The movie currently has an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer after 91 reviews.

Lionsgate is hoping Hellboy will make $20 million in its opening weekend and go on to make $50 million in total at the domestic box office. However, Box Office Mojo predicts Hellboy will only bring in $16.5 million, significantly less than $20 million.

While Cosby might not be worried about Hellboy’s box office take, Lionsgate might be a little worried given the film is already getting horrible reviews, insulting millions of Donald Trump supporters most likely won’t help get people into theaters.

Hellboy is in theaters on April 12th.

What do you make of Cosby’s comments? Will it affect whether or not you see Hellboy?

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