With the final season of Game of Thrones upon us, we thought it necessary to take a closer look at the franchise, and heck, why not compare them to another that is also looking down a barrel; the X-Men. The characters in both franchises share a surprising amount of similarities, but that’s not so crazy. They are both built on solid concepts and storylines that span years of carefully crafted development. This was a lot of fun to make, and we hope you enjoy it! Without further ado, here is our list of X-Men that are most like Game of Throne characters!

Cersei Lannister & Emma Frost

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

If I used the words, cold, calculating, beautiful, manipulative, determined, willing to kill a sibling, and overtly sexual, I could be describing either Emma Frost or Cersei Lannister perfectly. While Emma didn’t demonstrate any tendencies to want to sleep with her brother, these characters are near carbon copies of each other. Emma’s recent gambit that led to her takeover of the Hellfire Club is akin to the lengths Cersei went to during her ascension to the queen of Westeros. Despite their shared ferocity, both women lean heavily into their maternal instincts- Cersei with her children, and Emma’s care for her students.

Bran Stark/ Three-Eyed Raven & Professor-X

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Professor X is the only character on this list that has to be paired with two characters. Funny enough, he matches both in several ways. Other than all three not being able to utilize their legs, the trio’s strongest attribute comes from their minds. Being able to see the world through eyes of beings across the world (people in terms of Professor-X, and crows for the other two), while yet being bound in place isn’t all they have in common. Because of their powers, it forces their emotions to be kept in check, or else risk losing control.

The Hound, Sandor Clegane & Wolverine

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Logan has lived a long, tortured life. Tormented by a traumatizing childhood and survived an adulthood no one should have. Same could be said about Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. Even with their checkered, bloodstained pasts, both men have managed to find a measure of peace that neither likely deserves. With legendary reputations for barbarism and pensions for splitting people in half, the men named after animals live up to these characteristics and yet are honorable. Mind you, one more than the other at times. They both also became father figures to young girls in bad situations.

Arya Stark & X-23

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Speaking of those girls, one can’t help but notice the journeys traveled by Arya Stark and X-23. While Arya began life innocently enough, she’d eventually adapt to her new world during her travels. Even before becoming a “faceless man,” Arya had taken life. By the completion of her training, the original youngest lady of the Stark house was little like what she began as.

X-23’s journey was similar but in reverse. X-23 began as a cold-blooded assassin. It wasn’t until she joined the X-Men did she begin to reclaim her humanity. Both young girls would find stability under the guidance of the only men that may have dirtier hands than they.

Tywin Lannister & Magneto

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Not anyone can think ten steps ahead of their opposition. Fewer can do it for a lifetime. Tywin Lannister is best known for his ability to not just plan for the future, but also ruthlessly carry out his schemes. He’s more than willing to sacrifice his own flesh and blood if it meant that his house would survive to see another generation.

Magneto is very similar in this light. He’s demonstrated on more than one occasion that familial ties mean little to him when weighed against the welfare of the mutant race. This doesn’t mean that neither man doesn’t care for his family. No. It simply means that they won’t sacrifice the greater good in the name of sentiment.

The Mountain & Sabretooth

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

The older brother of The Hound, The Mountain is responsible for much of Sandor’s sufferings, and in turn how he chose to take it out on others. From childhood into adulthood, this giant mass of a man ripped and tore through anyone his lord Tywin commanded- but he probably would have done it without being told, anyway.

Sabretooth is much of the same for Wolverine. The two have a long-sorted past with one another, mostly with Sabretooth popping up to terrorize Wolverine, most of the time after he’s found peace. While it can be argued that the Mountain was guided into his savagery by being in service to House Lannister, Sabretooth inflicted much of his pain and sorrow for entertainment.

Melisandre & Jean Grey

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

The list of similarities between these two fire-worshippers is short but profound. Melisandre, a red priestess of the Lord of Light is best known for her obsession with fire. Everything she does revolves around the element. Any power she’s demonstrated comes not from her, but the Lord of Light and the rituals she performs, including raising the dead.

Jean, for a large portion of her existence, has been one with another god of fire; the Phoenix. A space-god made of cosmic fire and due to its mastery of psionic energy is capable of just about anything, including, you guessed it, raising the dead. It’s been said that on several planets the Phoenix is worshipped as a deity. If that is the case, it would make Jean Grey the authority on the Firebird. Not unlike a high priestess.

Brienne of Tarth & Psylocke

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Among the X-Men, warrior women are quite common. The same cannot be said about the world of Ice and Fire. Brienne of Tarth is a towering example of feminine fighting-spirit. She’s one of the most honorable, honest, and skilled swordsmen in all of Game of Thrones. She defeated the Hound in combat and despite her sex invokes awe in everyone around her.

Psylocke is known to be quite the combatant having taken on and beaten some of Marvel’s most dangerous foes. Much like Wolverine, honor is among the chief aspects of her personality, especially in combat. Seeing whom is a better swordsman would definitely be interesting.

Bronn & Gambit

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Before Gambit became an X-Man (a little time after), his only care in the world was himself and what he could get out of life. Which makes sense, he’s a world-class thief, raised by other world-class thieves. Gambit’s a fast-talking, swift-handed scoundrel capable of just about anything short of outright villainy.

Bronn is very similar. He’s obviously capable of murder, but doesn’t do it for fun. It comes out of necessity and willingness to do what’s necessary to survive in a world like GoT. Either man can be labeled a cad, but at the end, when the chips are down, they’ll be there to help stem the tide or just offer some good advice.

Samwell Tarly & Beast

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Every group needs a source of information, a problem solver. A sane voice in a storm of testosterone. Beast and Samwell both serve this role for their perspective franchises. Samwell was never the best fighter or even all that coordinated. He got pleasure from reading and learning. Even with this, he was the first person in GoT to discover the weakness of the white-walkers and kill one. He also served as a sounding board for Jon Snow in his most formative time as a member of the Night’s Watch.

Beast may not be Cyclops’ confidant, but he is his best problem solver. He is easily one of the most intelligent characters in all of Marvel, responsible for just about all of the X-Men’s technology. These two’s thirst for knowledge is legendary and only matched by each others.

Jon Snow & Cyclops

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Living up to expectations or, in some cases, living them down, can be an all-encompassing life pursuit. From his debut, Cyclops was seen as the gold standard of what it meant to be an X-Man. He strived to be an outstanding student of Professor-X and even a better leader of his team. He’s failed spectacularly along the way on several occasions and even after feeling the weight of those mistakes, carried on.

Jon Snow grew up on the outside of his family in Winterfell. Despite the roadblocks he faced, most of which revolved around the fact that he was a bastard, Jon Snow became a leader two times over. First of the Night’s Watch as Lord Commander, and later as the King of the North following the deaths of his father and brother. Both men have their failings, but soldier on with talents for brooding not yet matched. And then there’s the whole returning from the dead thing.

Ygritte & Rogue

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Who doesn’t love a fiery red-head with a quick wit? We first met Ygritte as part of what we the audience perceived to be a gang of savages. From the start, Ygritte instantly became a fan favorite. Naturally beautiful, full of life, and a unique perspective on life. She forced Jon Snow to question everything he knew. However, she was heartbroken over his eventual betrayal. Ygritte threw herself into her mission and committed many crimes, possibly in hope that it would ultimately lead her to him.

Adversely, Rogue, grew up under the tutelage of Mystique and Destiny to become what they already were, terrorists. Rogue was introduced by way of taking out Ms. Marvel and most of the Avengers. It wasn’t until she hit rock-bottom did she change her ways. The two may not have much in common past their personalities, but they both demonstrated the ability to suddenly and dramatically change their minds.

Varys “The Spider” & Mystique

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

Gee, I wonder what a spy-master and a woman that can change her shape at will could possibly have in common? Some may think Mystique would make a perfect faceless-man. However, I’d argue that her ability to snuff out and keep secrets along with gain access to places where she’s not supposed to be, much less, know about makes her and Varys far more compatible. With his network of “little birds”, Varys is Westeros’s master of information. In Westeros, he knows the happenings of just about anywhere in the world. In the same way, organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra have failed to protect information from the likes of Mystique. Saying that these two are peas in a pod, would be an understatement.

Daenerys Targaryen & Storm

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

There’s something to be said about the strength of will. Daenerys Targaryen, storm-born, mother of dragons, breaker of chains, the unburnt- has been beaten, enslaved, defiled and betrayed. Throughout all this heartbreak, as she approaches the end of her story, she remains as determined as she was in the beginning. More so, even.

Before Storm gained the confidence of a goddess, she’d only known pain, solitude, and sorrow. Until freed by Professor-X, she was made a slave-thief under the demonic psychic-puppet master the Shadow King for most of her childhood. When her powers finally emerged, Storm went from street urchin to godhood. With upbringings like this, it’s no wonder why Daenerys and Storm have more in common than the color of their hair!

The Night King & Apocalypse

Which X-Men are most like Game of Thrones characters?

I suppose some of you thought we would have chosen Iceman to be paired with the Night King, seeing as we went the Phoenix/ Lord of Light route, but nope. Iceman has an acute affinity to the cold, but that’s about as far as it goes for the likeness of those two. Apocalypse shares far more in common with the Game of Thrones boogeyman. Where either travels, death and destruction are never too far behind. They take loved ones and turn them against their families and friends. Both have lifespans so long, they’ve been integrated into folklore and legend across their respective worlds within many different cultures. So much so, until they were seen, most didn’t even think they were real.

Do you agree with the list? Got some comparisons you’d like to give? Let us know below!