Mark Waid Doubles Down – States He Believes Richard Meyer Subscribes to “White Supremacist” Principles

Last year, YouTuber and Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer launched a civil lawsuit against comic book writer Mark Waid. The case was filed on the 19th of September in the United States District Court in Austin. Waid was sued for “tortious interference with contract and defamation.”

The suit was filed after Antarctic Press announced they would no longer be publishing Jawbreakers following Meyer’s successful IndieGoGo for the book.

The suit alleged Waid defamed Meyer:

“Waid intentionally published statements of fact to his followers and the general public regarding Meyer, including falsely stating that Meyer published the first and last names of comic book store employees to encourage owners to harass and threaten them, as well as characterizing Meyer as a racist, serial harasser of minorities, and as affiliated with white supremacists. Those states were false and were published with actual knowledge of, or reckless disregard for statements’ falsity.”

In recently released court transcripts, Mark Waid is doubling down on his stance that Meyer’s principles are associated with those of white supremacists. The deposition was filmed back in February.

In an exchange between Mark Waid and the attorney representing Richard Meyer, Mr. Byrne, Waid is asked if he ever uncovered any “direct evidence of white supremacy on the part – statements on the part of Mr. Meyer.”

After an objection, Byrne would ask a similar question to which Waid would respond:

“Mr. Byrne: Do you — do you have any basis to substantiate a contention that Mr. Meyer is a white supremacist?

Mr. Pierce: Object to form

Mark Waid: I would say in the materials I provided to the Court is various social media posts about how, you know, it’s not a — you know, the one about the — you know, it’s not — what a sideshow or a circus, whatever, when you hire black people for comics, that sort of thing that’s in there, yeah, absolutely. At  least indicated a propensity towards what we — what we refer to as white supremacy hese days. It’s a pretty broad spectrum.

Mr. Byrne: Do you have any documentation or other evidence of Mr. Meyer directly espousing white supremacist doctrines, or are you inferring from the materials you submitted to the Court that he must think that way?

Mark Waid: Are you asking, is there a specific moment when he — when I am aware of he said “I am a white supremacist?”

Mr. Byrne:  Or espoused principles you associate with white supremacist

Mark Waid- I associate? Absolutely. Again, I stepped on you I apologize.”

In the deposition Waid is affirming that he believes Richard Meyer espouses principles he associates with white supremacy.

What do you think of Mark Waid doubling down on claiming that, at the very least, he believes Richard Meyer associates himself with white supremacist principles? Do you think he has something up his sleeve that could cast doubt in the defamation case? Let me know your thoughts below!



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