A new season of Titans is a go (yes, pun intended) and more characters are allegedly being brought in that will put the live-action adaptation more in line with the comics and Young Justice.

The Geeks Worldwide reports (possibly rumor) Aquagirl is showing up. A casting notice went out looking for a “13-15-year-old Mediterranean girl to play a ‘funny, sarcastic, and witty’ character.” This could be for any character but Aquagirl (aka Tula and Lisa Morel) is the safest bet.

With Aqualad on the horizon, she wouldn’t be far behind. Aquagirl/Tula met Aqualad when she was 15 so the age is right. The belief is he will debut in the upcoming season which is a story that originated on DC’S TITANS!!! — a closed Facebook group with very good insider information.

The role of Aqualad will either be filled by Aquaman’s protege and initial sidekick Garth, who went on to become Tempest, or Kaldur’ahm, a popular addition from Cartoon Network’s Young Justice.

Aquagirl is known by many names and has been revamped a few times. But her best known alter ego is Tula, introduced in the late ’60s. Tula made the leap decades later to the pages of The New Teen Titans, The New 52 relaunch, and Young Justice.

Confirmed for the next season of Titans are Game of Thrones are actor Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne, Superboy, another incarnation of Deathstroke (played by Esai Morales this time), his son Jericho (Chella Man), and daughter Rose (Chelsea T. Zhang).

Rumored are Lex Luthor and Guardian, two characters already featured on an established DC TV drama, Supergirl. Since they are seeing fit to use Deathstroke, any character must be fair game without any legal tie-ups.

Titans streams exclusively on DC Universe. The show stars Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter, it was renewed for a second season that should land this fall. Geoff Johns and Greg Walker produce.

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